Release date
Recording date
January 5, 1980
Catalog number
BR 9996 9997
Double 12" LP
Recorded at the Wilhelmina Hall, Dongen, Holland


live release


Added by Oliver One


Title Performer Written by Info
i Charles L. Cooke Originally by Prince's Band
Arthur Swanstone, Charles McCarron, Carey Morgan Originally by George Beaver (Irving Kaufman)
Buddy Bolden Originally by Jelly-Roll Morton's New Orleans Jazzmen
[Traditional] Originally by (unknown)
i Wilbur Sweatman Originally by The Six Brown Brothers
i Jelly Roll Morton Originally by King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band
i Richard M. Jones Originally by King Oliver's Jazz Band
Joe Darensbourg Originally by Pete Daily's Chicagoans
[Traditional] Originally by The Tuskegee Institute Singers
Ford Dabney, Cecil Mack, Lew Brown Originally by Aida Overton Walker, Boyd Senter and His Senterpedes - Vocal Refrain by Paul Small
i [Traditional] Originally by (unknown)
i Lew Pollack Originally by Prince's Band
Al Jolson, Dave Dreyer, Billy Rose Originally by Al Jolson
Ted Snyder, Francis Wheeler, Harry B. Smith Originally by Joseph Knecht's Waldorf-Astoria Orchestra
i May Aufderheide Originally by (unknown)