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LPM 1436
12" LP


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Title Performer Written by Info
John Newton, [Traditional] Originally by (unknown), (unknown), The Original Sacred Harp Choir
Charles H. Gabriel, Civilla D. Martin Originally by (unknown)
Carl Boberg, Stuart K. Hine, [Traditional] Originally by (unknown), Bill Carle with Ralph Carmichael Orchestra and Chorus
Charles Austin Miles Originally by Mrs. Wm. Asher - Homer Rodeheaver
Al Bryan, Francis Wheeler, Pete Wendling Originally by Broadway Bell-Hops
Anthony J. Showalter, Elisha Hoffman Originally by (unknown)
[Traditional] Originally by Haydn Quartet with Orchestra
George Bennard Originally by Mrs. William Asher - Homer Rodeheaver
William Cowper Originally by Trinity Choir
Charles C. Converse, Joseph M. Scriven Originally by J.J. Fisher
James Milton Black Originally by Harry Macdonough and the Haydn Quartet with Orchestra
James Milton Black, Katharine Purvis Originally by (unknown)