At the Atlanta Jazz Party
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JCD 218
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Title Performer Written by Info
George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin Originally by Adele Astaire & Allen Kearns
Dorothy Fields, Jerome Kern Originally by Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers
Victor Young, Joe Young, Ned Washington Originally by Katherine Perry
Turner Layton, Henry Creamer Originally by Henry Burr & Albert Campbell
Hoagy Carmichael, Stuart Gorrell Originally by Hoagy Carmichael and His Orchestra
Abe Lyman, Arthur Freed, Gus Arnheim Originally by Benny Krueger and His Orchestra
Harold Arlen, Ted Koehler Originally by Lillian Shade
Harry Warren, Mack Gordon Originally by Harry James and His Orchestra - Vocal Chorus by Helen Forrest
Ted Shapiro, Reg Connelly, Jimmy Campbell Originally by The Piccadilly Players
Ernie Burnett, George A. Norton Originally by William Frawley
John C. Spikes, Benjamin F. Spikes Originally by Alberta Hunter
Isham Jones, Gus Kahn Originally by Isham Jones and His Orchestra
Benton Overstreet, Billy Higgins [1] Originally by Ethel Waters
Bob Haggart, Johnny Burke Originally by Bob Crosby and His Orchestra, Bing Crosby, John Scott Trotter's Orchestra
Ted Snyder, Bert Kalmar, Harry Ruby Originally by Bob Thompson