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JCD 220
The title of this album is an obvious reference to Anita Scott's 1968 album Songs I Learned at My Mother's Knee... ...And Other Joints and Arden & Masie's 1975 album Songs We Learned at Our Mother's Knee (& Other Low Joints!) .


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Title Performer Written by Info
Andy Razaf, James P. Johnson Originally by (unknown)
Ned Washington, Victor Young Originally by Bing Crosby, accomp. by Helen Crawford
Michael Carr Originally by Jay Wilbur and His Band
George W. Meyer, Pete Wendling, Sam Lewis Originally by (unknown)
Edgar Leslie, Joe Burke Originally by Jan Garber and His Orchestra - Vocal Refrain by Lee Bennett
Benny Davis, J. Fred Coots Originally by Duke Ellington and His Orchestra
Irving Caesar, Julius Brammer, Leonello Casucci Originally by Tango-Orchester Dajos Béla mit Gesang: Kurt Mühlhardt, Leo Reisman and His Orchestra
i Robert E. Dolan, Walter O'Keefe Originally by Johnny Marvin
i B.G. DeSylva, Vincent Youmans Originally by Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra
Andy Razaf, Paul Denniker Originally by Bob Haring and His Orchestra
i Duke Ellington Originally by Duke Ellington and His Orchestra
Al Piantadosi, Henry Fink Originally by Will Oakland
  Jimmy Van Heusen, Johnny Burke [US] Originally by Bing Crosby with Vic Schoen and His Orchestra REC,REL, Bing Crosby and Bob Hope BRD
Rube Bloom, Ted Koehler Originally by Henry Allen and His Orchestra
Irving Kahal, Pierre Norman, Sammy Fain Originally by Melotone Boys