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Database -> Research -> Re: "Mexico" by Lopez, Dresoy and Faggetter

Wow. Just, wow. And people think external links and form fillers are good things? They have kicked the door wide open for mistakes like this, mistakes that proliferate because they aren't noticed.

Jon, you're a bit too harsh here. It's just a mistake by one of us. I find the controlled way of linking to discogs a big improvement, for both artists and labels.

The Brazilian page for RCA Victor was created by Moebius, but I'd like to kill it. Unlike Odeon [BR], they don't use cat nrs all their own, so I don't see the benefit.

walt 2019-01-13 11:02:33
General -> Discussion about cover songs -> Re: Midnight Train to Georgia


walt 2018-12-24 14:55:33