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21 News Re: New editor: Oliver One Congratulations, Olivier! dudek 2020-04-17
22 News Re: Certified Contributor Level 2 I refer to this: {@ {@@[[message|197428|Quote from mduval32323]]@@} you want to tell me I insulted you? really? (...) Be thankful you have someone (...) You are the same guy who fought my adding (...) you have let my stepping on your toes matter more than making SHS better.@} dudek 2020-02-15
23 News Re: Certified Contributor Level 2 Noone says you're doing a bad job, Mark. However, I think that private matters should be discussed in private. Not in the "Certified Contributor Level 2" thread. dudek 2020-02-14
24 News Re: Certified Contributors: Adding Attachments to Releases Read. dudek 2020-02-08
25 News Re: Awards 2019 - The results are in! {@ {@@[[message|196841|Quote from walt]]@@} the winner's speeches are good! @} True :) dudek 2020-01-12
26 News Re: Awards 2019 - The results are in! I agree with VV. Sincere congratulations to the winner, anyway! ;) dudek 2020-01-09
27 News Re: Certified Contributor Level 2 Congratulations! dudek 2020-01-09
28 News Re: New editor: casb Glad to hear, thanks :) dudek 2020-01-01
29 News Re: New editor: casb Welcome, Carlos! I am really curious about the South American treasures you will bring to our database. {@ {@@[[message|196442|Quote from CarlDennis]]@@} quite a number of the editors are "prettig gestoord" @} Haha, nice welcoming words, Thom :) For sure, Carlos can't wait to collaborate with dudek 2020-01-01
30 News Re: Homepage Suggestions {@ {@@[[message|196507|Quote from camembert electrique]]@@} I'm not saying each editor should only have one pick per root work, but limiting to one per tag category appears to be feasible. @} DB means just the Editor's Pick category (imho). And I agree with that. dudek 2020-01-01
31 News Re: Homepage Suggestions Wow, it took some time to read the whole discussion. :) 1) I like the introduction text that sebcat suggests very much! 2) I also vote for keeping the "today in history" section (mentioned by Clee, mduval and Jeff) alive! 3) I agree with VV's opinion "Sounds to me we may be prematurely rushing ta dudek 2020-01-01
32 News Re: SHS Awards 2019 Read. However, neither I feel qualified to vote as I am not aware enough of all the editors/CC's work. dudek 2020-01-01
33 News Re: More Rights for CC's: Real Names Ok, read. dudek 2020-01-01
34 News Re: Completeness Score Read. dudek 2019-12-25
35 News Re: Additional Accesses for CC's Read. dudek 2019-12-25
36 News Re: Submit Releases with Bar Codes Read. dudek 2019-12-25
37 News Re: New editor: Oliver One {@ {@@[[message|194740|Quote from baggish]]@@} Canary might want to disagree... @} Of course! So now there is a proper flock of us :) dudek 2019-11-05
38 News Re: New editor: mudval32323 Wow! I'm speechless... except for: Welcome! dudek 2019-11-02
39 News Re: New editor: Oliver One Second bird in the team AFAIK. :) dudek 2019-11-02
40 News Re: New editor: Oliver One {@ {@@[[message|194539|Quote from DashBoardDJ856]]@@} Remember to always get away from the computer to get something to eat and take a shower every now and then. And say goodbye to your friends and family. @} :D dudek 2019-10-29