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21 Feedback Re: About the 'add songs to our database' section of the forum I agree with ZZT that "Done" or "Added" section should be ideally independent section, and "Suggestions for additions" a separate section as well. myuuzik 2011-07-18
22 Requests The origins of Omer Adam's "Hopa" This is was a great summer hit for Israeli Omer Adam called "Hopa" (or I think it is). But I am sure it is a well known traditional song rather than an original. Any ideas what is the original song... Even if you don't know about it I am sure you'll enjoy it just the same myuuzik 2011-07-15
23 Discussion Re: Cover version by the same artist years later I remember the Shania versions called in colour terms: the Blue, the Red version etc. "Forever and For Always" Red version sounded like this The Blue version (remarkably different) sounded like this: These are myuuzik 2008-01-03
24 Discussion Re: Cover version by the same artist years later Well in these particular two cases, Kim Wilde did a dance version of hre earlier song that is so different. Cyndi Lauper did a reggae version of an earlier pop hit. -- It is interesting to note various "versions" as addressed to different audiences. For example: The version for pop audiences Sha myuuzik 2008-01-02
25 Discussion Cover version by the same artist years later Second Hand Songs is about cover versions. Of course our concentration is on other artists doing covers of previous artists. That's all good. But it also happens that the artist who made the original makes a remake which is so different at times it is a 100% valid cover version of his/her earlier myuuzik 2008-01-02