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41 News Re: New editor: Oliver One Welcome on board, Oliver! dudek 2019-10-29
42 News Re: Tags in the Versions List I like the way the tags look like in the editors' field (i.e. white font with the default turquoise background). Maybe it could be used for the Versions lists, too. dudek 2019-10-12
43 News Re: Submit Cover with Spotify URL Read. dudek 2019-09-09
44 News Re: Highlights I'm quite surprised at such dramatic words. It seems to me like much ado about nothing. SHS is not being wrecked, there is no doomsday scenario, nothing threatens the credibility of the site IMHO. It's just adding new features. Whoever wants to use them, let him enjoy them. And the one who wants to dudek 2019-05-15
45 News Re: Highlights {@ {@@[[message|190988|Quote from VirileVagabond]]@@} a one off hit much later wouldn't count as a revival, but one that spawned a number of additional performances would @} I think it would be possible to get these "performances that caused a new wave of covers" automatically from the database. dudek 2019-03-15
46 News Re: Highlights camembert electrique: I don't think it's "leaving our foundations of being objective". It's just adding something more, besides all the thoroughly gathered facts. Just like the rating option. Your opinion sounds to me like "we have to avoid all elements of subjectivity from the site". However, th dudek 2019-03-08
47 News Re: Highlights Read. dudek 2019-03-05
48 News Re: Savuo Puhtila - 400 works in the database! Wow, quite unbelievable... Not only the number of his works, but also that the SHS crew was able to notice so many works by one author from Finland. Impressive! Maybe we should offer this milestone to some Finnish media so that we attract more attention there... dudek 2018-04-02
49 News Re: New editor: Oldiesmann Welcome, Michael! dudek 2018-02-21
50 News Re: Most Covered Song per Original Year To me, the top places of these statistics are unbiased, as we cover the most popular songs exhaustively. I doubt there is any song missing with more covers than those songs we show in the list. Yes, definitely the 19th-century-songs statistics are biased, but from the 1930s til now our list is highl dudek 2017-09-28
51 News Re: Most Covered Song per Original Year Oooh, what a wonderful feature!!! Now I'll spend hours and hours just scrolling through this list thoroughly. Really exciting. And I must admit many of the songs are really characteristic for the years they belong to. They'd make a successful playlist for a discotheque, I guess. dudek 2017-09-27
52 News Re: New editor: Rodders200 Welcome, Paul, and have fun! :) dudek 2017-03-28
53 News Re: New Participation Interface Hi, when I hit "Participate", it shows all the search options. I configure it my way (just to see the errors assigned to me), but after I process one of the error reports, the search criteria change back to default. I'd prefer it remained the same as I had set it firstly. It's just a minor thing, bu dudek 2017-02-26
54 News Re: 500.000 Orignals & Covers Maybe next month we could reach 60,000 originals and we are "just" 7,000 far from 100,000 artists! All these numbers are impressive. dudek 2017-02-15
55 News Re: 1.000.000 Hits I am also proud to be a part of such an enthusiastic team. Good job! dudek 2017-02-11
56 News Re: 250K Sound majestic! I want to thank everyone as well! dudek 2013-04-22
57 Requests Re: Unidentified song ...the award will be yours then! ;) dudek 2013-01-21
58 Requests Re: Unidentified song Thanks a lot for your effort, fdirk, however, I've checked all Tesh's songs (and all the NBA on NBC songs) and haven't found it. Anyway, you are right it sounds similar. dudek 2013-01-21
59 Requests Unidentified song I am seeking any kind of information about this song: It's an 11 years old TV rip actually (full of sounds of a football match), poor quality, but the melody is quite easy to hear I think. Does anybody have any idea what song this is, who the artist could be or dudek 2012-12-04
60 News Re: Improved browsing Nice! Regarding other suggestions, I'd appreciate if the language adaptations were sorted in any way (chronologically or alphabetically)... because now we have (e.g.) English original, then comes a French version from 1975 and then some Danish version from 1966, then another English version... you k dudek 2012-09-26