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41 News Re: Awards 2019 - The results are in! I agree with VV. Sincere congratulations to the winner, anyway! ;) dudek 2020-01-09
42 News Re: Awards 2019 - The results are in! {@ {@@[[message|196841|Quote from walt]]@@} the winner's speeches are good! @} True :) dudek 2020-01-12
43 News Re: Certified Contributors: Adding Attachments to Releases Read. dudek 2020-02-08
44 News Re: Certified Contributor Level 2 Noone says you're doing a bad job, Mark. However, I think that private matters should be discussed in private. Not in the "Certified Contributor Level 2" thread. dudek 2020-02-14
45 News Re: Certified Contributor Level 2 I refer to this: {@ {@@[[message|197428|Quote from mduval32323]]@@} you want to tell me I insulted you? really? (...) Be thankful you have someone (...) You are the same guy who fought my adding (...) you have let my stepping on your toes matter more than making SHS better.@} dudek 2020-02-15
46 News Re: New editor: Oliver One Congratulations, Olivier! dudek 2020-04-17
47 Requests Re: Croatian Cover Theodorakis song I wanted to try my luck and help, Thom, but it ended up as several hours long search session... without any relevant result. :/ dudek 2020-05-02
48 News Re: Searching for Instrumentals Nice, thanks. Maybe it would be insteresting to add a similar feature to the dabatase statistics, so that one could see what the most covered instrumentals are. dudek 2020-05-03
49 News Re: SHS Awards 2019 We did it! 100.000 original works... unbelievable. Yet another reason to celebrate! :) (I hope I'm not spoiling any official announcement. :)) dudek 2020-05-06
50 News Re: Completeness score: Missing fields Read. dudek 2020-06-01
51 News Re: Adding Web Covers Repaired Repaired? Great news! Thanks! dudek 2020-07-11
52 News Re: Adding Web Covers Repaired {@ {@@[[message|200748|Quote from Bastien]]@@} Ok, l'idée ce serait donc de regrouper les web covers par "Youtube user"@} Yes, that would be nice. If someone likes certain web cover, he would be able to view other performances by this youtube artist. dudek 2020-07-14
53 News Re: Guideline for chosing Youtube videos "Not accepted videos: Amateur recordings from live concerts" I'm afraid I added some of these videos when there was no other choice (and they had acceptable quality)... but I won't do that again. Besides this, the guideline is in accordance to my point of view. dudek 2020-09-17
54 News Re: Tags in the Versions List What about something like "Postponed/delayed/belated release" then? Or just "From the archives / From the past"? dudek 2020-09-24
55 News Re: Link to a specific post within a thread Nice, read. dudek 2020-10-12
56 News Re: Youtube Quick Selection now ignoring square brackets Great. I didn't know such specific upgrade was possible. :) dudek 2020-10-12
57 News Re: Vocalese, vocalise and scat Read. dudek 2020-10-20
58 News Re: Vocalese, vocalise and scat {@ {@@[[message|203679|Quote from artsinspired]]@@} {@ {@@[[message|203678|Quote from SlimD]]@@} Read. I don't really see enough value to these tags to offset the complications they introduce. @} I agree. I've read through the definitions several times and am still confused. I doubt they will b dudek 2020-10-21
59 News Re: Separate Icons for Youtube and Spotify Looks nice. dudek 2021-01-04
60 News Re: Certified Contributor Read dudek 2021-01-04