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61 News Re: New editor: dudek Thanks to all the crew and fans! :) dudek 2012-08-08
62 News Re: New editor: dudek Thank you very much, I am so proud to have reached this point! :) I am looking forward to reveal the richness of the Slavic music - not only covers, but various cool originals, too! ;) I will do my best! dudek 2012-08-06
63 Requests Re: Looking for a song title Dear bigdonb, in case you're still interested: you might have meant this song: [[work|9719|Mas Que Nada]], especially those two covers containing Sergio Mendes (where the first "o's" from "obá obá obá" are not so easy to hear). dudek 2012-07-29
64 Research Re: La Novia by Antonio Prieto (Leo) I guess it is this movie what we could consider the first performance: Note: Joaquín as a writer, Antonio in the cast. dudek 2012-03-03
65 News Re: Discover the Italian Ska band "Pippo e i suoi Pinguini Polari" Ye, if the latter, I've just done the same: [[performance|62287|Baby Please Don't Go]] :) dudek 2011-05-12
66 Research Song: Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps (Denis) [[song|14862|Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps]] There is mentioned "From the movie "Strickly Ballroom""... but in fact this movie is 43 years older than the song. And more, its name is misspelled ("k" instead of "t"). dudek 2007-11-03