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61 News Re: New editor: Sylvain Guillou Nice! Welcome and enjoy, Sylvain. dudek 2021-02-09
62 Discussion Dubbed movies in various languages Hi, I need to discuss a problem that concerns mainly animated feature films or animated series. These films/series for children are often dubbed into various languages. Therefore the soundtrack songs get plenty of language versions. For example: there are over 40 adaptations of [[performance|3080 dudek 2021-02-21
63 Discussion Re: Dubbed movies in various languages Thanks for your fast reply! dudek 2021-02-21
64 News Re: Ordering of artists & works in search results Great, I appreciate it. dudek 2021-03-23
65 News Re: Works that generated most hit songs Read dudek 2021-03-25
66 News Re: National athem Great news! It will be pleasure discovering them... :) dudek 2021-03-26
67 News Re: The SecondHandSongs Radio Show Well done, [[user|105323|AlBearUK]] , just listening to the first episode finally... interesting selection. Looking forward to more non-English covers. :) dudek 2021-07-27