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1 Chat Re: Which pop stars share your birthday Al Bano Carrisi Cher Dan Wilson nikitoz555 2009-06-26
2 Discussion Re: originals that are less famous than their covers "I Will Always Love You" by Dolly Parton made the best selling single of all time thanks to Whitney Houston's version. nikitoz555 2009-11-12
3 Discussion Re: Songs or covers in Spanish Hola, Carlos Alberto! For any song covered in Spanish, you'd better come up to me. I prefer adding Spanish or Italian versions! Saludos cordiales! Nikita nikitoz555 2010-08-24
4 Discussion Yesterday by The Beatles Check out here - May be you'll find some information there very essential! nikitoz555 2009-08-04
5 Discussion A large German site of covers Try here! No medium, cats, just lyrics and artists nikitoz555 2009-08-22
6 Feedback Re: How to thanks somone for his (her) contrib' ... Yeah, several weeks ago I got one "thank you" message from our Finland friend "jyrkipr". I think he's a good expert of Finnish covers of international pop songs. nikitoz555 2009-09-29
7 Feedback You raise me up that a big disappointment, that in such a cool site like this, the astounding song "You raise me up" is not added... Besides, it was covered more than 125 times!!! If you can, just let me do the job! )) W/pleasure ))) nikitoz555 2009-06-26
8 Feedback Re: Premium member Thanks a lot! But what does it mean? Are we kinda special people? =) nikitoz555 2009-08-26
9 Feedback Re: WP feedback (Concept, Layout - and what is the whole idea with "Rating" ?) Now, I'll give you my piece of thought, First of all I should say I'm a passionate advocate of "Cover hierarchy", so it's simple and clearky shows which song is an original, what is cover, which is a cover for the cover, etc. Although I'm a loyal supporter of any innovations, i.e, We all know nikitoz555 2009-08-29
10 Feedback Re: WP feedback (Concept, Layout - and what is the whole idea with "Rating" ?) At first it seemed to me a bit complicated, but still it's a manner of habit and time. One can get used to. nikitoz555 2009-09-04
11 Feedback Re: Multiple languages I've got one song, that is performed in 3 languages - Croatian, Spanish, English simultaneously. Should we indicate all languages or leave it to "Multiple languages"??? nikitoz555 2009-10-01
12 Feedback Re: WP feedback (Concept, Layout - and what is the whole idea with "Rating" ?) As I tried, the usability is quite well, but what gets me irritated that I can not attribute any adaptation performer to the performer of the original. Can it be fixed? Or it's just a new concept? nikitoz555 2009-11-01
13 Feedback Re: WP feedback (Concept, Layout - and what is the whole idea with "Rating" ?) Thanks you've worked it out! nikitoz555 2009-12-28
14 Feedback Re: Re: More - Theme from Mondo Cane Ok! That's great and they will be added, as soon as you could type them down or make the image file more larger so I could read all the essential info and add cover versions. Thanks! Count on your cooperation! nikitoz555 2010-04-20
15 News Re: New editor: Frokor from Norway Welcome, Frokor! And ,., Merry Christmas!! nikitoz555 2016-12-21
16 News Re: 1.000.000 Hits Congratulations! We DID it ! :) nikitoz555 2017-02-11
17 News Re: 100.000 songs {@ Frida Boccara recorded a song called 100.000 chansons @} Yeah, and it was covered by Gheorghe Zamfir, Paul Mauriat, etc.. Great work guys! Yet the Best to come! nikitoz555 2009-09-01
18 News Re: New editor Congrats! nikitoz555 2009-07-09
19 News Re: Language stats Hello guys! I'm actually responsible for findin and posting here non English language covers. I love it! Take care! nikitoz555 2009-08-26
20 Requests Re: Grande grande grande - Help with credits I wish I could help, although you seem to found the info you needed. Yes, Cholo Baltasar is a Spanish translator. nikitoz555 2011-02-19