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1 News Re: The SecondHandSongs Radio Show Well done, [[user|105323|AlBearUK]] , just listening to the first episode finally... interesting selection. Looking forward to more non-English covers. :) dudek 2021-07-27
2 News Re: National athem Great news! It will be pleasure discovering them... :) dudek 2021-03-26
3 News Re: Works that generated most hit songs Read dudek 2021-03-25
4 News Re: Ordering of artists & works in search results Great, I appreciate it. dudek 2021-03-23
5 Discussion Re: Dubbed movies in various languages Thanks for your fast reply! dudek 2021-02-21
6 Discussion Dubbed movies in various languages Hi, I need to discuss a problem that concerns mainly animated feature films or animated series. These films/series for children are often dubbed into various languages. Therefore the soundtrack songs get plenty of language versions. For example: there are over 40 adaptations of [[performance|3080 dudek 2021-02-21
7 News Re: New editor: Sylvain Guillou Nice! Welcome and enjoy, Sylvain. dudek 2021-02-09
8 News Re: Certified Contributor Read dudek 2021-01-04
9 News Re: Separate Icons for Youtube and Spotify Looks nice. dudek 2021-01-04
10 News Re: Vocalese, vocalise and scat {@ {@@[[message|203679|Quote from artsinspired]]@@} {@ {@@[[message|203678|Quote from SlimD]]@@} Read. I don't really see enough value to these tags to offset the complications they introduce. @} I agree. I've read through the definitions several times and am still confused. I doubt they will b dudek 2020-10-21
11 News Re: Vocalese, vocalise and scat Read. dudek 2020-10-20
12 News Re: Youtube Quick Selection now ignoring square brackets Great. I didn't know such specific upgrade was possible. :) dudek 2020-10-12
13 News Re: Link to a specific post within a thread Nice, read. dudek 2020-10-12
14 News Re: Tags in the Versions List What about something like "Postponed/delayed/belated release" then? Or just "From the archives / From the past"? dudek 2020-09-24
15 News Re: Guideline for chosing Youtube videos "Not accepted videos: Amateur recordings from live concerts" I'm afraid I added some of these videos when there was no other choice (and they had acceptable quality)... but I won't do that again. Besides this, the guideline is in accordance to my point of view. dudek 2020-09-17
16 News Re: Adding Web Covers Repaired {@ {@@[[message|200748|Quote from Bastien]]@@} Ok, l'idée ce serait donc de regrouper les web covers par "Youtube user"@} Yes, that would be nice. If someone likes certain web cover, he would be able to view other performances by this youtube artist. dudek 2020-07-14
17 News Re: Adding Web Covers Repaired Repaired? Great news! Thanks! dudek 2020-07-11
18 News Re: Completeness score: Missing fields Read. dudek 2020-06-01
19 News Re: SHS Awards 2019 We did it! 100.000 original works... unbelievable. Yet another reason to celebrate! :) (I hope I'm not spoiling any official announcement. :)) dudek 2020-05-06
20 News Re: Searching for Instrumentals Nice, thanks. Maybe it would be insteresting to add a similar feature to the dabatase statistics, so that one could see what the most covered instrumentals are. dudek 2020-05-03