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1 Suggest Web Covers Looking for physical release: Will Oldham/Bonnie "Prince" Billy covering R. Kelly's Ignition (Remix) I added the hilarious [[web-cover|4862|Bonnie "Prince" Billy - Ignition (R. Kelly cover)]] but I swear I used to own a physical copy of this, a promo-type single or EP (sold at shows maybe?) that had something to do with (''I think'') his Superwolf project with [[artist|169562|Matt Sweeney]] . Anyb Moebeus 2017-05-21
2 Feedback Re: Number of "Forum posts" on profile page does not match actual count Sorry about the duplicate, thx! Moebeus 2017-06-19
3 Feedback Re: Suggestion: Track number on album views {@ {@@[[message|180200|Quote from Mathieu]]@@} Anyone else an opinion on this? Maybe we could introduce track numbers for editors only? @} Just as an editor's tool, absolutely didn't mean for the public. It would also potentially lay the foundation for a auto-generating warnings for (tribute) albums Moebeus 2017-06-19
4 News Re: New editor: Moebeus {@ {@@[[message|180328|Quote from Bastien]]@@}(...) we describe him as a '''''critical mind''''' with a '''''particular sense of humor'''''@} ...if that's code for "a royal nuisance", you should just tell me ;-) Anyways, I'm honored and I hope to be an asset more than an ass. Also, I love error repo Moebeus 2017-06-19
5 News Re: New editor: Moebeus {@ {@@[[message|180333|Quote from Nap]]@@} (And please bring Turbonegro to Brazil) :) @} Happy-Tom is a friend of mine from way back, so who knows that might just happen? If I'm allowed to brag a little, I actually directed their first two music videos: h Moebeus 2017-06-20
6 Feedback Re: Multiple Artists - Same Name {@ {@@[[message|180571|Quote from VirileVagabond]]@@} Perhaps an official pecking order... First... Nationality (as this is objective) Second.. If two bands are from same country, Genre (broad like Jazz, Rock, Reggae, rather than sub-genre like Hard Rock, Punk, Bubblegum) Third... Sub-Genre, e.g. He Moebeus 2017-07-01
7 Feedback Re: Multiple Artists - Same Name {@ {@@[[message|180568|Quote from walt]]@@} Moe & VV (if you can), read this first: @} Check! {@ {@@[[message|104399|Quote from Quentin]]@@} today I create John Smith [US], tomorrow I create John Smith [UK]. If the day after tomorrow I create Moebeus 2017-07-01
8 Feedback Re: Multiple Artists - Same Name {@ {@@[[message|180576|Quote from VirileVagabond]]@@} I wouldn't think it wouldn't be too complicated until the rare occasions that one gets to the third or lower tiers. @} I agree, and I love your idea. I'm just saying let's keep it as simple as possible by default. {=[Country]+[Identifier, if need Moebeus 2017-07-01
9 Feedback Re: Multiple Artists - Same Name {@ {@@[[message|180598|Quote from walt]]@@}But before we do, we should convince more people! @} Being relatively new to the site - what's the best way to do that? Leading by example maybe or is there another "proper way". We could always ask for a read receipt on this thread, those seem to be popula Moebeus 2017-07-02
10 Research Some good news - Scandinavian NCB artists partially solved! For those of you not familiar the national PROs in Scandinavia have joined forced and signed over the handling to '''N©B''' (Nordic Copyright Bureau). These are '''KODA''' in Denmark, '''STEF''' in Iceland, '''STIM''' in Sweden, '''TEOSTO''' in Finland and '''TONO''' in Norway. This is a pain in the Moebeus 2017-07-03
11 Research Re: Some good news - Scandinavian NCB artists partially solved! ...What the same result looks like with language set to English: {=Lyrics: Arve Sigvaldsen Bjørn Ulvaeus Stikkan Andersson Music: Benny Andersson Artist: Diverse Artister Album: På Treff Med 6 Time: 03m 09s ( 189 seconds) Genre: Pop Publisher: Copyright Control Record company: Talent Partner: Show o Moebeus 2017-07-03
12 Feedback Re: Multiple Artists - Same Name As a typical reference case, I just stumbled into this one: Moebeus 2017-07-03
13 Feedback Re: Multiple Artists - Same Name {@ {@@[[message|180619|Quote from Quentin]]@@} It doesn't really matter if they are [1] or [1961] or [US] or [Free Jazz-Punk], I will still need to check their pages to see if we're really talking about the same artist. @} If you are entering a free jazz-punk track or you know you are entering an Am Moebeus 2017-07-03
14 Research Re: Some good news - Scandinavian NCB artists partially solved! I'm working on it but don't hold your breath ;-) Moebeus 2017-07-04
15 Feedback Re: Multiple Artists - Same Name The wonderful thing about ISO codes is that they are internationally agreed upon codes that will confuse everyone the same, whether they are from the US and can't tell New Zealand and Holland apart, from China and can't read English good or just someone a little thick from Norway. I struggled myself Moebeus 2017-07-16
16 Feedback Re: Multiple Artists - Same Name You're confusing the ISO codes for country (ISO Alpha-2) and language (ISO 639-2/3). If you want to indicate that you have a work from your home country in US Klingon, this is what you use: {=tlh-US=} American English: {=en-US=} English as spoken in New Zealand: {=en-NZ=} In my own country Norway, w Moebeus 2017-07-16
17 Requests No Happy Birthday? Unless it's hiding under some obscure name, I can't seem to find maybe the most universally known and translated song in the world!? This seems like such a juicy case with all the lawsuits and stuff and a glaring omission if it's not in SHS. Is there a backstory here I'm not familiar with? Moebeus 2017-07-16
18 Feedback Re: Multiple Artists - Same Name I would also suggest to keep one master list sorted alphabetically (for quick search) and another one grouped by (at least) continent, for a better reading experience. That way the editors can bookmark one or both, depending on their preference. Moebeus 2017-07-17
19 Requests Re: No Happy Birthday? {@ {@@[[message|181108|Quote from Rodders200]]@@} Hi Moe Rightly or wrongly I have now added "Happy Birthday to You" to the database as credited to the Hill sisters. I've started it off with a couple of covers, one vocal, one instrumental. However, it does appear to be one of those songs that is s Moebeus 2017-08-17
20 Requests Re: No Happy Birthday? {@ {@@[[message|181082|Quote from jojo]]@@} I have tried to reconstruct the story of "Happy Birthday To You" on my site. @} Wow, you do not mess about... That is one seriously impressive write-up, thanks! Moebeus 2017-08-17