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1 Discussion Re: Got My Mojo Working - adaptation of Hand's Off? Sorry for the delayed reply on this. All this is very fair; in that case and based on the comment above, do we have proof then that Chuck Berry's Promised Land is an adaptation of Wabash Cannonball? If not, then they need to be separated because they don't satisfy the criteria set out above, they ju 23skidoo 2019-02-16
2 Requests Re: Polish Bill Haley cover........... @CarlDennis and all. One of my fellow researchers did some digging and according to the U.S. Copyright office, the correct co-writer credit was indeed Marshall Lytle, but Billy Williamson's name ended up on the label either due to a mistake or some sort of behind-the-scenes arrangement. [[ https:// 23skidoo 2019-01-21
3 Requests Re: Polish Bill Haley cover........... @CarlDennis - let me check with my sources. As far as I know the co-writing credit is Williamson, not Lytle. Lytle was uncredited on at least one song (Crazy Man Crazy) but I'm pretty certain this is just Haley and Williamson. 23skidoo 2019-01-21
4 Requests Re: Polish Bill Haley cover........... {@ {@@[[message|190284|Quote from CarlDennis]]@@} But the Polish prima donna recorded this in '''1958''' and that would be in a period, when [[artist|16137|Bill Haley]]'s heydays were almost over............. But thanks for the suggestion and I will try to work from here. @} Oh heck no, Haley re 23skidoo 2019-01-20
5 Requests Re: Polish Bill Haley cover........... Yeah, that was from the era where Haley & company were still throwing things at the wall to see what stuck in terms of rock and roll because there were no rules. I get the sense of European performers doing the same as they covered some really obscure (and not always classic) Haley songs in the earl 23skidoo 2019-01-16
6 Discussion Re: TV/Film-only performances - what's the rule? @VirileVagabond Good comments and that mostly aligns with my understanding here. I guess where the uncertainty lies is back when, to use your example, the Monkees was on the air the only way for a song to get a commercial release would be through a record release. But these days, most TV shows or fi 23skidoo 2019-01-15
7 Discussion TV/Film-only performances - what's the rule? Occasionally I'll see a cover that has never been commercially released in an audio format (vinyl, CD, tape, digital) listed as a performance - sometimes even as an original. Certainly this is the case with songs that predate recorded media, but I've also seen this for TV themes, Broadway songs, etc 23skidoo 2019-01-15
8 Requests Re: Polish Bill Haley cover........... This is a weird one. The opening riff is a bit Rock Around the Clock, the rest sounds like it might be based upon Pat-a-Cake, which was Haley's 1953 rock and roll version of the Pattycake nursery rhyme. [[| Here's Pat-a-Cake for comparison. ]] Interesting f 23skidoo 2019-01-15
9 Research Re: Bill Haley and Loretta Glendenning Thanks for the page! There isn’t a lot of info around on Loretta - you might have found info others have missed! I am presently on holiday and away from my archives, but I’ll look into it wen I get back next week. Great sleuthing though! 23skidoo 2018-11-27
10 Discussion Re: Got My Mojo Working - adaptation of Hand's Off? {@ {@@[[message|189075|Quote from microtherion]]@@} If we go down that path, without specific evidence for a particular song, we'll probably end up categorizing every twelve bar blues in the world as an adaptation of one single ur-blues :D There is some argument that the songs are related, as not 23skidoo 2018-09-23
11 Discussion Got My Mojo Working - adaptation of Hand's Off? Muddy Waters was the first to record [[work|3262|Got My Mo-Jo Working (But It Just Won't Work on You)]] in 1957, however it is very similar to [[work|123922|Hands Off]] from 1955. Indeed, when Elvis recorded his version of [[performance|433609|Got My Mojo Working]] he actually included verses from H 23skidoo 2018-09-23
12 News Re: Certified Contributor {@ {@@[[message|188975|Quote from Bastien]]@@} Hello 23skidoo, your level has now been increased to Certified Contributor. Find out [[|here]] what you can do :) @} Excellent! I've been away on holiday all week and this was great news to arri 23skidoo 2018-09-22
13 Discussion Blue Suede Shoes vs. Whatcha Gonna Do Here's one for the community to consider: is 1955's [[work|699|Blue Suede Shoes]] a cover - or adapted from - the 1953 Bill Haley composition and recording "Whatcha Gonna Do"? Here's a video of the Haley song for comparison: Thoughts? Release dat 23skidoo 2018-08-19
14 Research Re: "Me Rock-a-Hula" by Bill Haley I was the one who submitted this. If I goofed on the identification (I went mostly by the chorus), I'm happy to have the original being adjusted if it hasn't been already. 23skidoo 2018-08-08
15 Discussion How does one index medleys? I just saw an entry under Twist and Shout for a medley in which the song was #2 or #3 in the medley; how does one properly go about entering cover versions if they are part of a medley? The T&S version I saw indexed was not listed under adaptations, but in the main part of the index with other strai 23skidoo 2018-07-17