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1 News Re: New editor: Clee J I'm so thankful to be part of this team! As long as I'm here, I will not let you down. I'll bring as much undiscovered covers as possible. I'm very happy. I encourage anyone who has a cover of his or her own, even if it's generic, to bring them here at SecondHandSongs. Remember, as big as it is, Clee J 2017-12-17
2 News Re: Certified Contributor Excellent. This one sounds like a great program for all editors to try. :D Clee J 2018-01-14
3 News Re: Certified Contributor That's what I would do, if I could find one. Clee J 2018-01-17
4 News Re: New editor: microtherion Welcome to the club! We are glad to have you on board. Congratulations on being our new editor. We strongly hope that you enjoy your time here. :) :D Good luck, Clee J Clee J 2018-01-18
5 Chat Re: RIP Edwin Hawkins May God bless him. His life is in His hands. Clee J 2018-01-19
6 News Re: New editor: Clee J Oh my goodness! Thank you, Bastien. :D :D There are more covers on the way. So look sharp, everyone!!! Remember... You gotta love music all over the world. Clee J Clee J 2018-02-12
7 News Re: New editor: Oldiesmann Congratulations, Oldiesmann. Welcome to the SecondHandSongs team. I hope your experience is rewarding. May God bless with all your talents. Signed, Clee J Clee J 2018-02-19
8 News Re: Savuo Puhtila - 400 works in the database! That's beautiful, especially for a man from this fascinating nation. His Finnish must be impressive. Clee J 2018-04-03
9 News Re: New editor: Oldiesmann Congratulations, Oldiesmann, and good luck to you on your journey. May it be as long as possible and may it be very worthwhile. God bless you, Clee J Clee J 2018-04-03
10 News Re: Certified Contributor Congratulations to all who have made it. :D Clee J 2018-04-03
11 News Re: Interconnections with External Databases Thanks for the brilliant update. There's bound to be more. Consider this read. :D Clee J 2018-07-21
12 News Re: SWWFHMATSITAYKILYBBIGTH Holy smoke! That's a real long title, especially for a cover. Congratulations, man! ;D :D :) Clee J 2018-07-28
13 News Re: New editor: David King Welcome aboard, David King. We could use someone like you on our team. Sincerely, Clee J (Junior Editor) Clee J 2018-07-29
14 News Re: Finnish certified contributor Jyrki Pr. I would like to give a very special thanks to Jyrki Pr for his achievements and lost-standing dedication. :D Clee J 2018-09-20
15 News Re: Finnish certified contributor Jyrki Pr. What?! It is hard to believe that he hasn't been a member of this wonderful company. I hope that someone could invite him/her. He or she is someone who is very committed. From people around the world, we could the help we can get. :) Clee J 2018-09-23
16 News Re: Submitting originals Read. :) Clee J 2018-10-27
17 News Re: Music Sung in Klingon Wow! This is incredible. Congratulations to the one who found the Klingon song!!! :D Clee J 2019-02-04
18 News Re: Highlights It's very wonderful that you put a display on cover, depending on popularity. I like that. Consider this read. :D Clee J 2019-03-03
19 News Re: Best Rated Cover Version Whatever it is, it can be found anywhere. I will let you know that I have read your review. :D Clee J 2019-04-29
20 News Re: Submit Cover with Spotify URL If I should run into one, I would love to enter it. I don't mind it at all. Thanks for the info, Clee J Junior Editor P.S. Consider this read. Clee J 2019-09-04