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1 News Re: 500.000 Originals & Covers Impressive stats indeed! There are so many parts of this fantastic database that I've yet to visit and, at this rate of growth, there are some areas I'll probably never see. ;D Dave Nebraski 2017-02-26
2 News Re: New Participation Interface Hi Mathieu, I was surprised to find 8 unprocessed "own submissions" highlighted for my attention, only to find that most of these were, if I recall correctly after five or six years, DRAFT posts that I hadn't previously submitted. (a) have drafts really been converted to generic submissions or am I Dave Nebraski 2017-02-14
3 News Re: 1.000.000 Hits Cool! Dave Nebraski 2017-02-14
4 News Re: New editor: Frokor from Norway A warm welcome from wet Wales. Good to have you aboard! Dave Nebraski 2016-12-21
5 News Re: New Editor: Sebcat from London Welcome Seb. Glad to have you aboard. Dave Nebraski 2016-02-29
6 News Re: Web Covers on Artist Pages Read Dave Nebraski 2016-01-25
7 Requests Re: The Rocky Horror Show OK. Thank you for looking. Dave Nebraski 2015-01-06
8 Requests Re: The Rocky Horror Show All songs now added! And the track list of [[release|37588|The Rocky Horror Punk Rock Show]] now finalised. :) Two songs (Eddie's Teddy and Charles Atlas Song) were not in [[live-show|15|the show]] when it premiered or when the [[release|113|cast album]] was recorded but I believe were added into Dave Nebraski 2015-01-04
9 Discussion Re: Covers of covers Found it. Dave Nebraski 2014-12-07
10 News Re: BBC Survey - Vote for Greatest Cover Ever The results are in! The top 10 tracks in the vote were as follows: 1. Pet Shop Boys - Always On My Mind 2. Johnny Cash - Hurt 3. The Stranglers - Walk On By 4. Jimi Hendrix - All Along The Watchtower 5. Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah 6. Soft Cell - Tainted Love 7. Joe Cocker - With A Little Help From M Dave Nebraski 2014-10-27
11 News Re: New editor: camember electrique Well done, Erik. Now for lots of copying and pasting from your practice entries before the test site is re-synchronised! :) Dave Nebraski 2014-10-21
12 News BBC Survey - Vote for Greatest Cover Ever The British Broadcasting Corporation has unveiled a new corporate music strategy under the banner of "BBC Music" with new programmes, partnerships and initiatives to strengthen the BBC’s position in music commissioning and broadcasting. To celebrate the launch, the BBC commissioned a cover version Dave Nebraski 2014-10-16
13 Discussion Re: Covers of covers Thanks Quentin, Looks like you're right. I followed a link from that album page to [[|the page for the London Calling single]], which actually has a section on the sleeve artwork, giving the name of the artist and some further details: ''"Con Dave Nebraski 2013-06-06
14 Discussion Re: Covers of covers A couple of releases added to the database this week: [[release|95572|London Calling]] [[release|95568|Damaged Goods]] Boy Division's sleeve is based on The Clash's but they might not have released that The Clash's was itself based on an earlier one by Elvis Presley. However, I've not been a Dave Nebraski 2013-06-01
15 Feedback Re: I came back You can also choose English as a display option on that site using the menu at the top left corner (red menu bar). :) Dave Nebraski 2013-04-12
16 Research Re: Dutch Nursery Rhyme Hi Erik, Many thanks for your assistance, enthusiasm and effort. Well, all these would make for an interesting and diverse adaptation hierarchy: Le nozze di Figaro (Italian) -> Jan Hinnerk (Low Saxon) --> Ik ben met Catootje naar de botermarkt gegaan (Dutch) ---> Eye Level (Instrumental) Dave Nebraski 2013-02-01
17 Research Re: Dutch Nursery Rhyme Thanks for the reply from The Netherlands, Erik. I guess if you don't recognise the tune as a nursery rhyme, it can't be a popular/obvious one (if the Wikipedia entry has any substance at all). I've now added the Afrikaans adaptation; thanks for the references. [[work|130311|Lied van die Bola Dave Nebraski 2013-01-23
18 Research Dutch Nursery Rhyme Someone posted on [[|Wikipedia]] that [[work|130276|Eye Level]] is based on a Dutch nursery rhyme but they failed to name the nursery rhyme and left no references. Try web searching and you simply get hundreds of sites that have copied the unsubsta Dave Nebraski 2013-01-20
19 Requests Re: "Gloria" {@ {@@[[message|6113|Quote from El Barto]]@@} Pleazers (1966) from New Zealand @} This one now added. Cheers, Dave. Dave Nebraski 2012-09-03
20 News Re: 200.000 Cover Songs Contest! May 26th, 01:15. Dave. Dave Nebraski 2012-05-22