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1 Feedback Re: How did you find out about this site Found it on Wikipedia I was searching information about cover songs Nap 2006-07-03
2 Feedback Medium: Punk Goes 80's (Bastien) [[medium|15947|Punk Goes 80's]] tracklist order is not correct here is the correct 1. Manic Monday 2. I Ran 3. I Melt With You 4. Your Love 5. Don't You Forget About Me 6. Pop Song 89 7. Holding Out for a Hero 8. Just Like Heaven 9. Power of Love 10. Straight Up 11. Dead Man's Party 12. Wrapped Ar Nap 2006-07-12
3 Requests Re: Hip Hop Cover songs? Dont know too much about hip hop but I can suggest: A Hip-Hop Tribute to AC/DC The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphopsy - California Uber Alles (original by Dead Kennedys) Gym Class Heroes - Under The Bridge (original by Red Hot Chili Peppers) Nap 2006-08-07
4 Feedback Re: Artist country of origin. SHS could add origin of artist just when it's not doubtful If a member of the site doesnt know the origin just don't add it When you're gonna add something now, if you know the origin, good If don't, good too, no problems, just don't add this kind of information Later if someone wants to complete, Nap 2006-09-21
5 Feedback Re: Dowloading Songs Downloading almost always is illegal But if the site could have a sample database, it wouldnt be a bad idea The problem is bandwidth/disk space... maybe someday when the site receives a lot of donations ;D Nap 2006-09-21
6 Feedback Re: Dowloading Songs lazy people... go to amazon and listen to samples then ;) Nap 2006-09-22
7 Feedback Re: Buy or listen to songs through a link on Second Hand Songs pages? voted for "none" i just dont care about it Nap 2006-09-22
8 Feedback Medium: Punk Goes Metal (Bastien) [[medium|2952|Punk Goes Metal]] Tracklist order is wrong Here goes the correct: 1. Divit -Breakin The Law 2. Jughead's Revenge -Talk Dirty To Me 3. AFI -My Michelle - Download MP3 4. Bigwig -War Ensemble 5. A New Found Glory -Heaven 6. Strung Out -Bark At The Moon 7. The Ataris -I Remember You 8. Nap 2006-10-08
9 Feedback Medium: Punk Goes Pop (Bastien) [[medium|3468|Punk Goes Pop]] Tracklist order is incorrect Here is the correct one: 1. I Want It That Way - Dynamite Boy 2. Candy - Slick Shoes 3. Everywhere - Yellowcard 4. Get This Party Started - Stretch Arm Strong 5. Like A Prayer - Rufio 6. Bye, Bye, Bye - Further Seems Forever 7. Crush - No Nap 2006-10-08
10 Feedback Medium: Fagiani in fiamme (anto47) [[medium|15595|Fagiani in fiamme]] Amazon link returns "no match" Nap 2006-10-10
11 Requests Turbonegro - composer credits Does anybody know where can I find information about composers of Turbonegro songs? Nap 2006-11-12
12 Requests Re: Turbonegro - composer credits Thanks Didn't think I'd find it on a german site :D Nap 2006-11-14
13 Discussion Re: Cover vs Remake Maybe we can consider a remake is a cover, but a cover isn't alway a remake I consider both the same thing, but remake sometimes seems to me a stronger word, like if you consider a remake a very different version of a song Nap 2006-11-27
14 News Re: New forum look I liked it Good job, guys ;D Nap 2006-12-09
15 Chat Re: Merry Christmas I love some covers of "Last Christmas" originally by Wham! Merry Xmas to you :D Nap 2006-12-15
16 News Re: 50.000 songs Congratulations to Second Hand Songs!!! Nap 2007-03-13
17 Requests Sick of It All credits Does anybody know where can I find the credits for lyrics of the album "Blood, Sweat and no Tears" by Sick of It All (1989)?? I tried everywhere and I need them for an upcoming tribute to the band. Thanks in advance tracklist: 1. "The Blood & The Sweat" 2. "Clobberin' Time"/"Pay The Price" Nap 2007-03-28
18 Chat Do you guys have an account on ? Post your links here Nap 2007-07-10
19 Chat Re: Happy Birthday!!! Well... like vinyl, maybe it's gonna "die" soon. Does anybody know when can we celebrate the mp3 birthday? ;D Nap 2007-08-22
20 Requests Violent Love Does anybody know when the song "Violent Love", written by Willie Dixon, was first released?? I think it was first recorded by The Big Three Trio. Nap 2007-08-22