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1 News Re: Youtube QuickSelect : Uploader displayed Read Nap 2022-06-01
2 News Re: Auto-Formatted Links Read Nap 2022-05-13
3 News Re: Most Covered Song... by Time Span! Read Nap 2022-05-11
4 News Re: Withdraw Submissions Read Nap 2022-04-11
5 News Re: Collapsing too many aliases Read Nap 2022-04-11
6 News Re: "On Hold" status for submitted originals without covers Read Nap 2022-01-11
7 News Re: Pasting images in the forum Read Nap 2021-08-25
8 News Re: Artist Affiliation Great!! Nap 2021-08-24
9 News Re: Language filter for Most Covered Works Read Nap 2021-08-24
10 News Re: The SecondHandSongs Radio Show Wow this is getting pretty big Congratulations Nap 2021-07-01
11 News Re: New editor: Sylvain Guillou Welcome aboard Nap 2021-02-07
12 News Re: More Rights for CC's: Real Names Read Nap 2021-01-24
13 News Re: Searching for Labels from a specific Country Read Nap 2021-01-04
14 News Re: Separate Icons for Youtube and Spotify I liked it Nap 2021-01-02
15 News Re: Link to a specific post within a thread Read Nap 2020-10-12
16 News Re: Youtube Quick Selection now ignoring square brackets Read Nap 2020-10-12
17 News Re: Guideline for chosing Youtube videos I agree with these guidelines Nap 2020-09-17
18 Research Re: Two Man Sound - Vini Vini The sound quality isn't very good but I'm almost 100% sure it's NOT in portuguese Nap 2020-07-27
19 News Re: Completeness score: Missing fields Nice Read Nap 2020-05-31
20 News Re: Awards 2019 - The results are in! Congratulations Nap 2020-03-24