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1 Research Re: I Have a Little Dreidel I’ve now added this work as best I can along with a couple of covers Rodders200 2021-12-22
2 Research Re: I Have a Little Dreidel See Rodders200 2021-12-22
3 News Re: Goodbye Thom, and many thanks! Thanks Thom for those times whenever we interacted. The pleasure was mine. Paul Rodders200 2021-11-30
4 Discussion Re: Guidance Requested: Do It Yourself vs. Reporting I agree that none of these warranted an error report. They are not errors but improvements. I am relaxed about anyone improving my entries without referring to me. If I have added incorrect information then I would expect an error report. The two are easily distinguishable. One man’s ‘improving Rodders200 2021-10-15
5 News Re: New editor: Rodders200 As far as I can tell I have three 'new' abilities all of which I believe I can do already, so there is no actual change to my abilities or editing rights. Regardless, it means I cannot make trivial amends to correct existing entries, so up until now I overlook them rather than file them as error Rodders200 2021-10-08
6 Requests Re: Sock It To Me Santa - correct credits? Actually, this is the Thomas Keels version which is a completely different song as far as I can tell. Rodders200 2021-09-27
7 Requests Re: Sock It To Me Santa - correct credits? I don't know if you want to revisit this problematic work. I have added it to the database along with a couple of covers, tagging it as having disputed credits. GEMA has two entries, one credited to Bob Seger et al, and another to Thomas Leeks. Discogs entries also show an additional credit to a Rodders200 2021-09-27
8 Discussion Re: Works ("Shockingly") Not On Site It always surprised me that I had to newly create works for traditional basics such as “Happy Birthday”, “Waltzing Matilda” and “God Save the Queen” so omission of popular songs is no surprise. Maybe one day someone will add “O Canada”... Rodders200 2021-01-12
9 News Re: Completeness Score Read Rodders200 2019-12-25
10 News Re: Additional Accesses for CC's Read Rodders200 2019-12-25
11 News Re: Submit Releases with Bar Codes Read Rodders200 2019-12-25
12 News Re: Highlights Read Rodders200 2019-03-21
13 Requests Re: H.R. Pufnstuf Hi Tar You’ll see that I have now entered two different works relating to Pufnstuf and have found different versions of both, based on what I can derive from the information available. Let me know if you have additional information that might add to or correct what I have entered. Tricky, this on Rodders200 2018-12-12
14 News Re: New editor: David King Welcome Dave. You probably don’t need any help from my English. My French is something else, generally something unrecognisable as French. Rodders200 2018-08-06
15 News Re: Submitting covers from same album Read Rodders200 2018-06-29
16 News Re: New editor: Oldiesmann Read Rodders200 2018-05-11
17 News Re: New Participation Interface Read, just clearing old reply requests Rodders200 2018-05-11
18 News Re: Certified Contributor Read Rodders200 2018-01-15
19 News Re: Submission Presets Read Rodders200 2018-01-15
20 News Re: New editor: Clee J Ditto welcome! Rodders200 2017-12-22