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1 News Re: Facebook Hello! You're welcome. Stephan Koenig (facebook) Stephan Koenig 2008-11-12
2 Discussion Sagt mir wo die Blumen sind / Where have all the flowers gone Comme ma langue maternelle est le français, je préfère rédiger en français. Bastien se chargera de traduire. Merci Bastien. Both titles songs : what a mess ! :-) La chanson de Pete(r) Seeger a été adaptée d'une chanson allemande dont le poème d'origine date de 1782 et est dû à Jacobi (voir le topi Stephan Koenig 2009-03-21
3 Discussion The Elegants / Little Star D'après un poème de William Shakespear "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" mis en musique par Frédéric Chopin. Parfaitement inconnu au bataillon quant à sa véritable origine même des meilleurs experts collectionneurs...Evidemment comme cela relève du Domaine Public, l'on ne trouvera jamais ces deux noms s Stephan Koenig 2009-03-21
4 Discussion Bill Haley / Wooden shoe rock Voilà encore un exemple frappant concernant la véritable origine de la chanson sus-mentionnée: cette chanson enregistrée au Pythian Temple à New York City le 21/11/1957 est l'adaptation de (Little) Gretchen and the wooden shoe d'après Cenerentola de Gioachino Rossini, livret écrit par Jacopo Ferrett Stephan Koenig 2009-03-21
5 Discussion Bill haley / Ain't misbehavin' (I'm savin' my love for you) Haley recorded his version at the Pythian Temple (NYC) on March 29, 1957. From Thomas "Fats" Waller, RCA Victor, 01/1938 who took it from the musical Connie's Hot Chocolates, 1929 Stephan Koenig 2009-03-21
6 Discussion The Telephone Call / Tina & Daddy First recorded by Tammy Wynette in 1968. Free MP3: also: see als Stephan Koenig 2009-03-22
7 Discussion Pete Seeger ? Or Peter Seeger ? Response: real 1st name is PETER. Stephan Koenig 2009-03-22
8 Discussion Ta pedia tou Pirea / Les enfants du Pirée Ta pedia tou Pirea The Chordettes, Cadence, USA, 1961 as Never On Sunday. Film: this title is written in modern Greek: " Ποτέ την κυριακή " (Pote tin Kyriaki) Greek lyrics by Georgios EMIRZAS English lyrics by Mános Hadjidákis French lyrics by Jacques Larue German lyrics by Lale An Stephan Koenig 2009-03-23
9 Discussion Bill Haley / Rock-a-beatin' boogie (rec. 22/09/1955) / released on 31/10/1955 This song was first written by Haley (alone) for his friend Danny Cedrone who had been a Comet a few years ago. But his firm was so overcautious to let Esquire Boys recorded it. So, The Treniers recorded it first in 12/1953 and the single was released in 03/1954 ! Stephan Koenig 2009-03-23
10 Discussion Twinkle twinkle little star / Ah vous dirais-je, maman J'ai vu ce petit téléfilm ce soir sur France 2 et j'y ai entendu "Ah vous dirais-je, maman". Puis dans le générique il y avait les vrais crédits pour les musiques originales dont F. Chopin. Malheur Stephan Koenig 2009-03-24
11 Discussion Did you know... that The Doors' "Hello I love you (...)" [09/1968] was a plagiarism of The Kinks' "You really got me" released in 09/1964 ? See att. (for The Doors French issue) Stephan Koenig 2009-03-25
12 Discussion Speedy Gonzales / Italian lyrics... by Emilio Gentile. Stephan Koenig 2009-03-25
13 Discussion Bo Diddley's Down Home Special aka... Vincent's version in 1961 has a strange reminicing with the Diddley's song Down Home Special ! Chess/Checker 850, 1956 ...Down home train and...I'm going home !!!!!!!!!!!! Bo's lyrics: himself Stephan Koenig 2009-03-28
14 Discussion Bill Haley / Rockin' Matilda / 1957 Rockin' Matilda : from Waltzing Matilda [which means "Auf der Walz" (is a German expression that means traveling on the job) and "bed-roll" or slang "swag"], originally based on a traditional entitled "Thou Bonny Wood Of Craigie Lee", Australia, a poem written in January 1895 by Andrew Barton "Banjo Stephan Koenig 2009-03-30
15 Discussion The Rolling Stones / We love you Did you know the backing vocals were sung by John Lennon & Paul McCartney ? Stephan Koenig 2009-03-30
16 Discussion Did you know... Jimmy Page (studio musician who was able to read scores) played the guitar on Eddy Mitchell's c.s. Stones' (...) Satisfaction (1965) as well as on Tous les garçons et les filles sung by Françoise Hardy in 1962 ? :-) Source: an article written in a French magazine called JUKE BOX MAGAZINE. Stephan Koenig 2009-03-30
17 Discussion Stagger Lee Stagger Lee : from Lloyd Price's version, 1959 [originally Stack O' Lee Blues by Fred Waring And His Pennsylvanians, 1924 based on an American War song (about the story of Lee Sheldon and Billy Lyons aka Frenchman William de Léon - during the American Civil War). Stephan Koenig 2009-03-31
18 Discussion Ain't misbehavin' Quite sorry. It was about another song and not this one which is completely incorrect. Stephan Koenig 2009-04-01
19 Discussion I sure did know it was a plagiarism !!! Today at 14:08:00 | Edit | Quote The Kinks: live 1965 The Doors: live 1968 I've had had some confusion in my mind between The Kinks and The Doors. These are the good ones. !!! --- I love rock'n'ro Stephan Koenig 2009-04-02
20 Discussion Wallace Collection / Hello Suzannah / 1969 was formed in 1968 as Sixteenth Century but had to change name when they signed with UK EMI/Parlophone in early 1969. The band consisted of: Sylveer Vanholme alias Sylvain Van Holmen Freddy Nieuland (the voice of Daydream) Christian Janssen alias Christian Janssens Marc Hérouet Raymond Vincent Stephan Koenig 2009-04-03