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1 Discussion Re: Scandinavian covers of an obscure or non -existent Boudleaux and Felice Bryant work {@ {@@[[message|207761|Quote from Scousedave]]@@} I can believe that SMDB took their information from the record company. Question is - did the record company get it right? @} This is why SHS is a compiler rather than a researched source: Discogs, 45C VirileVagabond 2021-05-08
2 Discussion Re: Paradize by Bengt Hennings [[work|128400|Ticket to Heaven]] is on site, but I have no personal interest, therefore, won't be researching further or submitting. Thx for the identification for others who may want to handle from here and submit. VirileVagabond 2021-05-08
3 Discussion Re: Scandinavian covers of an obscure or non -existent Boudleaux and Felice Bryant work Reply just to confirm I took a shot but can't recognize, though there's an element that sounds familiar VirileVagabond 2021-05-05
4 Requests Re: "Diamonds And Pearls" by Jay Siegel's Tokens {@ {@@[[message|207681|Quote from Oldiesmann]]@@} You are correct about the group and litigation, though Siegel was a member of The Tokens at the time of the 1988 release (see [[|Wikipedia]] for more on the lawsuit). I'm not sure what the out VirileVagabond 2021-04-27
5 Requests Re: "Diamonds And Pearls" by Jay Siegel's Tokens Boy this is messy. Currently, I'm rather confident that "Jay Siegel's Tokens" is different than "The Tokens" and that there was or remains related litigation. Now you've found: Apparently reissued as: VirileVagabond 2021-04-26
6 Discussion Mash: Jean-Jacques Milteau - Long Time Gone? [[artist|23528|Jean-Jacques Milteau]] Soul Conversation I hear [[work|147043|Long Time Gone]] along with [[work|2332|La Grange]] (or the from derived work): Provided to YouTube by harmonia mundi Long Time Gone · Jean-Jacqu VirileVagabond 2021-04-26
7 Discussion Danny Boy [Finnish] [[work|127287|Danny Boy]] Really? The work is titled "Danny Boy", but the lyrics aren't derivative of [[work|8141|Danny Boy]] [English] in any way, shape or form? For my notes, credited: Traditional; Frederick Edward Weatherly; Lasse Liemola VirileVagabond 2021-04-24
8 Requests "Diamonds And Pearls" by Jay Siegel's Tokens [[work|125695|Diamonds and Pearls]] [[artist|28813|Jay Siegel]] Based on the credits in the autogen, assume it would be a Prince cover, but I don't hear it. Perhaps [[work|157193|Diamonds and Pearls]], but I'm unfamiliar. Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group Diamonds & Pearls · Jay VirileVagabond 2021-04-24
9 Discussion Re: Public Lead: Missing Spanish "Sugar, Sugar"? A pleasant blast from the past! VirileVagabond 2021-04-22
10 Requests Swedish "Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy" I have a likely Swedish adaption of the common medley [[work|47430|Peace on Earth]]/[[work|21356|Carol of the Drum]] (aka Little Drummer Boy) under review: [[artist|114652|Karin Glenmark]] & [[artist|69679|Anders Glenmark]] VirileVagabond 2021-04-22
11 Research Re: Long and Winding Road - original release? {@ {@@[[message|207615|Quote from sebcat]]@@} It’s puzzling that Shanks was able to release his version before The Beatles though. @} That was my thought. I would have guessed that session musicians would have been required to sign some confidentiality agreement as part of their contract when hi VirileVagabond 2021-04-22
12 Chat Spotify: Noticed Difference Anyone else noticing recent changes on Spotify? Not long ago if a Google search returned a song/performance rather than a release, I could easily click on the artist's discography to find the link to the desired release. This option is now much rarer. This is exactly what happed with the submissi VirileVagabond 2021-04-21
13 Discussion Dutch Really Love "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" [[work|131481|Paradise by the Dashboard Light]] Five known adaptions? Who would have guessed? Forget Barry White for the romance; bring on the Meat Loaf! VirileVagabond 2021-04-21
14 Chat RIP Jim Steinman Geez, another death: [[artist|3149|Jim Steinman]] At least that's what I just heard. I'll see what I may have confirmed but not on site. VirileVagabond 2021-04-20
15 Chat Re: RIP Rusty Young Public lead: [[work|27402|Crazy Love]] Fuzo VirileVagabond 2021-04-16
16 Chat Re: RIP Rusty Young Under review: Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises Crazy Love · Rusty Young Crazy Love ℗ 2018 Blue Elan Records Released on: 2018-10-12 VirileVagabond 2021-04-16
17 Chat RIP Rusty Young Just heard that [[artist|36425|Rusty Young]] of [[artist|13088|Poco]] passed away. I'll see if I have any related missing covers. VirileVagabond 2021-04-16
18 Requests Re: Blue Monday [Swedish] by Sten Nilsson Might as well tack on the release below (also under review): As of this post, not sure if these are previously unreleased, new recordings, a mixture, etc. The performing artist credits are confusing as well. For instance, some VirileVagabond 2021-04-15
19 Requests Blue Monday [Swedish] by Sten Nilsson Observations made during my review process: [[work|15479|Blue Monday]] [[artist|99456|Sten Nilsson]] The same recording appears to have been released on: VirileVagabond 2021-04-15
20 Discussion Guidance Requested: Do It Yourself vs. Reporting In good faith, I attempt to expand the database and improve on existing entries in accordance with the guidelines and management directives as I understand them, and I trust that many others have the same goals. During a recent exchange: [[user|2|Ba VirileVagabond 2021-04-13