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1 News Re: Submitting a an adaptation in the same language as the root work Great and needed addition! Edit: I thought the was some trouble with it, but it seems to work just fine after all. ZZT 2022-07-08
2 Requests Re: George Coles Stebbins cover in Finnish I couldn't yet find a name to the Coles Stebbins's work. This [[|Finnish hymnal website]] gives 1876 as the composing year, while [[|a hymn website]] of another church gives 1878. Maybe this could guide the way of th ZZT 2021-05-07
3 Requests Re: Finnish adaptation of Chris Tomlin's "Our God" Great find! I managed to find info on the release and made a submission for it. ZZT 2021-04-26
4 News Re: Instructions for release visuals Read ZZT 2021-04-26
5 News Re: Vocalese, vocalise and scat Read ZZT 2020-10-22
6 News Re: Youtube Quick Selection now ignoring square brackets Read ZZT 2020-10-14
7 News Re: Link to a specific post within a thread Read ZZT 2020-10-14
8 News Re: Previous/Next Buttons Useful idea ZZT 2020-08-11
9 News Re: Submit a New Original with PRO work code Read ZZT 2020-08-06
10 News Re: Adding Web Covers Repaired Read ZZT 2020-07-02
11 News Re: Poll: Play button No ZZT 2020-07-02
12 News Re: Date of creation visible for CC's Read ZZT 2020-06-25
13 News Re: Completeness score: Missing fields Read... ZZT 2020-06-03
14 News Re: Certified Contributor Level 2 Thanks for the honor! ZZT 2020-06-03
15 News Re: Certified Contributor Thanks! It's great that I can have my cover song trivia made useful! ZZT 2020-05-12
16 Feedback Re: About the 'add songs to our database' section of the forum Oh, I didn't realise that. Your system works as fine as well. ZZT 2011-06-14
17 Feedback About the 'add songs to our database' section of the forum In my opinion the 'add songs to our database' section looks very cluttered. To me it seems that it could be very hard to see which requests have already been checked. How about if all requests that have been added to the database are moved to a subsection called 'Done' for example? It could make the ZZT 2011-06-11