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1 Requests Re: Mama by Connie Francis First release of "Mamma" by Beniamino Gigli on the movie "Mamma" 1940 (or 1941). anto47 2006-11-22
2 Requests Re: Mama by Connie Francis The movie "Una giornata particolare" is dated 1977. anto47 2006-11-22
3 Feedback Re: Joni Mitchell: Both Sides Now and "I hope this is not because she is a female artist. It seems as though you don't really acknowledge female artists on your website." Welcome on our forum. No, this is not because Joni is a female artist. This is a very partial list of important female artist you can find on our website: Joan Baez anto47 2006-01-10
4 Requests Re: American pop hit based on foreign songs By Elvis: It's Now or Never. Surrender. anto47 2005-11-18
5 Feedback Re: Capitals on his or her Interesting question. anto47 2005-11-14
6 Feedback Re: Song search dates It seems that the date is missing on all songs added or modified or revised after August 2005. anto47 2005-11-11
7 Requests Re: Long John Baldry Queries No info, sorry. anto47 2005-09-06
8 Feedback Re:Question about info source Probably you already found these infos: Roller Coaster 2001 (lp) Rockaphilly! and this english collectable vendor: anto47 2004-11-20
9 Feedback Re:Question about info source I added the song according to this web info: Unfortunately I can't help you because I haven't any source but the web about Sonny Dae and his records. anto47 2004-11-20
10 Discussion Re:reliable sources And titles of songs and album are frequently not correct (articles ignored for example). But normally is the quick way to find the performer of the original release anto47 2004-04-10
11 Discussion Re:Your favorite cover at the moment? and your favorite "tribute" album? My one: The Song of Jimmie Rodgers - A Tribute [[medium|5624|The Song of Jimmie Rodgers - A Tribute]] 14 songs written 60-70 years ago covered by artists like BOB DYLAN, Bono, Van Morrison, Steve Earle, Jerry Garcia, Willie Nelson.... anto47 2004-02-09
12 Research Re:La Novia by Antonio Prieto (Leo) Gracias Leo, I asked you because I thought, by mistake, that Prieto was spanish. I would add the original and the two covers but without the date of the first release..... anto47 2004-01-16
13 Research La Novia by Antonio Prieto (Leo) Leo, do you know the first release of this song? Should be before 1961-1962 anto47 2004-01-16
14 Discussion Hey Joe's writer and [[song|642|Hey Joe, Where Are You Going]] and Previous Hey Joe topic. Liner notes about "Hey Joe" by David Fricke, from the booklet of the 1996 Special Collectors Edition of the album "Fifth Dimension" by The Byrds: "The publishing history of this classic was a story in itself. Composer Billy Robe anto47 2004-01-15
15 Chat Re:I have two stars!!!! Bastien, what is the true meaning of your post? anto47 2004-01-10
16 Chat Re:I have two stars!!!! only a joke, no suggestions. anto47 2004-01-08
17 Chat I have two stars!!!! and became "Jr. Member" (56 years!) PS What for the third star??? anto47 2004-01-08
18 Requests Re:Hey Joe by Jimmy Hendrix (Mexican Style , by Who?) Willy DeVille on album "Live" 1993 covers Hey Joe in mex style. anto47 2004-01-08