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1 Discussion Re: Anda Jaleo (the original?) {@ {@@[[message|217401|Quote from sebcat]]@@} {@ {@@[[message|217399|Quote from besf]]@@} The originals are not known to the SecondHandSongs editors. If you have more information, contact us. @} But isn’t this correct [[user|92300|besf]] based on what [[user|194|dany]] said above? {@ There is no besf 2022-10-07
2 Discussion Re: Anda Jaleo (the original?) Yes but on the very same page is mentioned; The originals are not known to the SecondHandSongs editors. If you have more information, contact us. besf 2022-10-06
3 Discussion Anda Jaleo (the original?) It seems that the original is missing here: [[work|276147|Anda jaleo]] Maybe you can use this info: (the lyrics!) (this is not a video of the o besf 2022-10-06
4 Feedback technical problem with search? This worked until yesterday: Searching for artists/groups without visual in a country you choose. Today besf 2022-09-30
5 Feedback Re: 1000 updates I don't see a problem to add "External Links" to access level Certified Contributor II. It is less important information than the other info you can add under this level. So why not? It would be usefull to specify clearly what kind of "External Links" or expected: Discogs, Spotify, Wikipedia, Fa besf 2022-08-31
6 Feedback De klok van Arnemuiden You are asking about the original: besf 2022-08-23
7 Discussion Re: christopher john different versions So it would be Christopher John (Tino Martini) ? besf 2022-04-04
8 Discussion Re: christopher john different versions Can you give an example for dummies? besf 2022-04-03
9 Discussion christopher john different versions Now that more and more aliasses are linked to Christopher John, the differences between different versions seem to disappear. You can have a trumpet version (Tino Martini), vocal versions (Christopher John), guitar version (Johny Apache) of the same song. Maybe this can be solved by adding it to th besf 2022-04-03
10 Discussion Calimero Theme from Calimero: According to Sabam there are two versions: One by Henk van der Molen ( Discogs gives B. Oldy and Piet Souer for this one ( besf 2022-02-05
11 Feedback Re: Suggestion? And maybe another suggestion. While doing my research for the pictures, I also find some external links (Discogs, Spotify, ...) It would be nice to add them together with the comment and the picture. besf 2022-01-15
12 Feedback Suggestions: Cropping & external links I've added during the past weeks about 200 missing pictures. When adding a picture you can only crop after you have submitted your input. It would be easier to have the crop function too on the form "add information". Today you can not see when you upload if the picture fits. besf 2022-01-13
13 Feedback Re: Group or artist I think that just like there is a new category besides man/woman exists there might be a place for "project". A group is for more than 1 person but in a structural way. In a project the people are changing all the time. besf 2022-01-09
14 Feedback Re: Group or artist Have a look besf 2022-01-01
15 Feedback Re: Group or artist That's the reason why this is a project, not a group or artist. It started with 2, then it continued with one but completed by each time different persons. besf 2022-01-01
16 Feedback Group or artist What to do when something is "a project". It can be a person and a group at the same time? besf 2022-01-01
17 Feedback Re: Indicating original besf 2021-12-05
18 Discussion How to add an original I would like to add a cover version but the original is not yet in the database. Can someone help my how to add a new original? besf 2021-03-12