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1 News Re: Certified Contributor Thank you! I'll slowly seeing what does it consist of! Sorry for my poor English! casb 2019-09-12
2 News Re: Official Web Covers Read! casb 2019-10-26
3 News Re: Submit Releases with Bar Codes ok casb 2019-12-19
4 News Re: Submit Releases with Bar Codes En trabajos antiguos puede ocurrir que el vinilo original no tenga código de barras, pero sí el cd. Supongo que en ese caso no se adjunta el código de barras... In old works it may happen that the original vinyl does not have a barcode, but the cd. I guess in that case the barcode is not attached casb 2019-12-19
5 News Re: More Rights for CC's: Real Names Read! casb 2019-12-26
6 News Re: More Rights for CC's: Real Names {@ {@@[[message|196140|Quote from VirileVagabond]]@@} A welcome addition; however, again proper expectations likely need to be established. I will likely never look for artists missing a real name to add one, but rather will add a missing real name while I'm looking at an artist for other reasons.. casb 2019-12-26
7 News Re: Homepage Suggestions Read! I can't to say if it better for now. I'm new and I am exploring yet. casb 2019-12-29
8 News Re: New editor: casb {@ {@@[[message|196374|Quote from Bastien]]@@} At last! We have have a second South-American editor on board: casb :) Carlos is Argentinian psychiatrist who joined our project back in 2015. Over the years he became increasingly productive, check it out: 617 sbmissions, 46 error reports, 29 update casb 2019-12-30
9 News Re: New editor: casb {@ {@@[[message|196391|Quote from DashBoardDJ856]]@@} Bienvenidos Carlos. Out of curiosity, is your practice in Buenos Aires??? @} Yes! casb 2019-12-30
10 News Re: New editor: casb {@ {@@[[message|196385|Quote from Nap]]@@} Cool; a south american friend Also I'm soon finishing my graduation in psichiatry. So yes, South America will study our minds @} :) casb 2019-12-30
11 News Re: New editor: casb {@ {@@[[message|196396|Quote from baggish]]@@} Welcome Carlos! One day I hope to visit BA :) @} Great! casb 2019-12-31
12 News Re: SHS Awards 2019 Read, although I must admit that I don't know the publishers much yet! casb 2019-12-31
13 News Re: New editor: casb {@ {@@[[message|196522|Quote from dudek]]@@} Welcome, Carlos! I am really curious about the South American treasures you will bring to our database. {@ {@@[[message|196442|Quote from CarlDennis]]@@} quite a number of the editors are "prettig gestoord" @} Haha, nice welcoming words, Thom :) F casb 2020-01-01
14 News Re: Certified Contributor Level 2 Congrats to all! casb 2020-01-08
15 News Re: Awards 2019 - The results are in! Congratulations to all the editors!!! casb 2020-01-09
16 News Re: New editor: casb Thank you to all of you!! casb 2020-01-21
17 News Re: Certified Contributors: Adding Attachments to Releases Excellent decision :D casb 2020-02-06
18 News Re: New editor: casb {@ {@@[[message|197434|Quote from Bastien]]@@} Hi Carlos, Your access level has been increased from New (400) to Junior (500) Editor. This means: * Entering new performances, '''unlimited''' * Altering data by '''new''' and retired editors * Tagging any database object, and delete tags added by casb 2020-02-15
19 News Re: Searching for Instrumentals ok, thank you for the information casb 2020-05-04
20 News Re: SHS Awards 2019 Wow!!! Excelent!!! {@ {@@[[message|198807|Quote from dudek]]@@} We did it! 100.000 original works... unbelievable. Yet another reason to celebrate! :) (I hope I'm not spoiling any official announcement. :)) @} casb 2020-05-06