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1 Chat Re: foreign adaptions {@ {@@[[message|213993|Quote from Angus Lancaster]]@@} So I'd like to find a long list of English songs that have been adapted into different languages and a list of English songs that were originally from another language. @} You can also make use of our [[ dudek 2022-06-15
2 News Re: Unverified works displayed under "Songs written by" It will be useful for editors as well... nice improvement! dudek 2022-06-14
3 News Re: Youtube QuickSelect : Uploader displayed Noticed this useful feature yesterday and appreciate it! dudek 2022-05-31
4 News Re: Artist Alias Length Limited in Versions Table I like the idea to restrict it to a single line, as you suggest. dudek 2022-05-28
5 News Re: Most Covered Song... by Time Span! Or maybe "Original year(s)" would suffice? dudek 2022-05-19
6 News Re: Most Covered Song... by Time Span! Actually, I found one more non-English song with 21 versions: [[work|156212|Lux Aeterna]] - it's marked as "Latin", but I think it is a mistake as there seem to be no lyrics in this work. Thus, unless anyone has any objections, I will mark it as an instrumental work. This appears to be another way dudek 2022-05-13
7 News Re: Most Covered Song... by Time Span! Super excited about this enhancement! There is so much to discover this way! Thank you, [[user|1|Mathieu]], for implementing this and you, [[user|2|Bastien]] , for supporting this idea! :) I tried it out and this is the first interesting result I've got: there are less than 10 original '''non-Eng dudek 2022-05-13
8 News Re: Auto-Formatted Links Nice [[user|55091|Jeff Chamberlain]] If you need to link to some submission/error report, you can simply copy the link, paste it here and the weblink turns into "Case XYZ" automatically. dudek 2022-05-13
9 News Re: Artist Alias Length Limited in Versions Table I have 2-3 remarks here: 1) I'd prefer not to cut the words in the middle, but to put "..." next to the last whole world. In the case above, that would mean "Tony..." instead of "Tony Levi...". I find it neater. What do you think? 2) On my screen, I see many cases where the artist name is divided dudek 2022-05-13
10 News Re: Apple Music player Nice. I like the way we show the Apple Music player. dudek 2022-05-13
11 Feedback Re: Search Return Failure: Wiped Submissions Great, thanks a lot! dudek 2022-05-08
12 Feedback Re: Search Return Failure: Wiped Submissions Regarding submissions - it seems to me that searching submissions is diacritics sensitive now. To be clear: - when I seek for "pozde" ''(= "late" in Czech)'', I get 1 song, 2 releases and '''no''' submissions, - when I seek for "pozd─Ť" ''(with appropriate diacritics)'', I get 1 song, 2 releases an dudek 2022-04-21
13 News Re: Internet Archive Audio Player Fully agree with [[user|51650|sebcat]]. dudek 2022-04-17
14 News Re: Internet Archive Audio Player [[user|1|Mathieu]] : That sounds good! dudek 2022-04-11
15 News Re: Collapsing too many aliases Smart enhancement! [[user|2063|VirileVagabond]] : I don't know if this is possible technically... dudek 2022-04-10
16 News Re: Internet Archive Audio Player {@ {@@[[message|213561|Quote from Bastien]]@@} I'm afraid it will confuse users. @} It would confuse them less than seeing no icon at all, I guess. ;-) dudek 2022-04-10
17 News Re: Internet Archive Audio Player Nice! I wasn't aware of this source... Regarding its own icon, I think it would definitely be useful. Currently we don't have any YouTube/Spotify link for many performances from 20s/30s - if we had the Archive link (but no icon), a user would see no sign he can listen to them. How to prevent such dudek 2022-04-10
18 Discussion Re: Group or...? I would mark them as a group. Any other opinions? Maybe it was not possible back in 2003 when their profiles were created (almost 20 years ago, cool) - [[artist|21626|Hall & Oates]] and even [[artist|21291|Simon and Garfunkel]] (group) profiles were added 3 years later. Maybe I am wrong though. dudek 2022-03-31
19 Feedback Re: Submission Rating: Still Needed or Of Value? To share my point of view: I find more benefits in maintaining the rating system (than in abandoning it). If you view the table of 100 most submitting users, you realize that about 10 % of them have an average rating below 3 stars. And that tells something about the reliability/completeness of submi dudek 2022-02-20
20 News Re: Youtube length displayed in the Quick Selection tool That's really helpful, thanks. dudek 2022-02-12