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1 Chat Hi... Hi, I'm new here and I wonder why I haven't found this site before? I'm a sucker for cover info, so this must be the place to be. I've seen several cover sites, but this one seems to be the most serious and detailed, so I'm sure I'll be spending quite some time here! Keep up the good work... hounddogman 2008-07-15
2 Discussion Re: Delilah by P.J. Proby Since this was posted the album ''has'' been released and the previously unreleased Delilah ''is'' included. I'm not sure about Proby's version being the original though, because I find it very hard to find decent recording info for P.J. Proby. According to the booklet of the new CD, Proby recorded hounddogman 2008-07-19
3 Chat Re: Hi... My pleasure... :) hounddogman 2008-07-20
4 Chat Re: If you could bring a dead rock star back to life OK, I've voted now. Thanks for the link Mudbug... :) hounddogman 2008-07-22
5 Discussion Re: Covers of covers Cool topic... 8) Here's another Elvis cover: hounddogman 2008-08-04
6 Discussion Re: Covers of covers ...and one more: hounddogman 2008-08-04
7 Requests True Love Travels on a Gravel Road In the database Percy Sledge's 1969 release of True Love Travels on a Gravel Road is listed as being the original ([[song|42120|True Love Travels on a Gravel Road]] I was under the impression that the original version was Duane Dee's 1968 recording on Capitol 2332, which reached #58 on Billboard's hounddogman 2008-09-04
8 Requests Re: True Love Travels on a Gravel Road I've surfed a bit and according to this index of Capitol masters Dee's recording was released in 1968. In the Atlantic Records Discography Project on Sle hounddogman 2008-09-05
9 Requests Re: True Love Travels on a Gravel Road Thanks for changing it. Yes, I agree on the Sledge recording date. I've had no response from Duane Dee yet. I'll let you know if I hear from him. hounddogman 2008-09-11
10 Discussion Re: Delilah by P.J. Proby {@ {@@ [[message|53313|Quote by Ronn at 1218900886]]: @@} Give Proby's "Delilah" a is better!! Ron @} I'm sorry, but as much as I like Proby (and that's a lot!) I'll have to say that I tend to agree with him. It doesn't really suit him imho. That said, it's still interest hounddogman 2008-09-17
11 Requests Re: Wreck of the Old 97 {@ {@@ [[message|55104|Quote by baggish at 1222249813]]: @@} I guess you'd need to find a picture of the record label to decide between "on" and "of", and also to see if Henry Whitter is the artist or CB Grayson and Henry Whitter. According to and Filip's refe hounddogman 2008-09-24
12 News Re: New editor Thanks for the welcome and the kind words... :) hounddogman 2008-10-14
13 Discussion Re: Notes on the January 9th Through the Looking Glass Show - All Elvis all the time Sounds like a pretty good playlist. I guess I'm too much of an Elvis fan to be keen on the Dread Zeps or El Vez, but you can't go wrong with Alison Moyet's Love Letters, Dwight Yoakam's Mystery Train or Viva Las Vegas by The Boss, to name just a few from your list. Looks like you've got more than hounddogman 2009-01-09
14 Discussion Re: I have a dream Although I'm not much into Nana Mouskouri I have both of her "I Have a Dream" recordings. One is the ABBA song, while the other is on the album "Passport" (Philips 9101 061) - from the mid 70's I believe. It's creditted to Fugain/Blaness/Delanoe/Kretzmer. No additional title is mentioned though. hounddogman 2009-03-11
15 News Re: New editor Welcome aboard! Good to see you here... :) hounddogman 2009-07-13
16 Requests Re: Elvis Presley cover {@ {@@[[message|64220|Quote from tolalala]]@@} Hi there, I am looking for a song by Elvis Presley. Unfortunately, I am very sketchy with the details, but I am hoping an Elvis buff can help me out. All I can remember is that it is a cover song sung by Elvis and that it is about a ship/boat. hounddogman 2009-07-21
17 Feedback Re: Chaim Witz/Eugene Klein/Gene Simmons/Jumpin' Gene Simmons Stephan, this is your third topic dealing with the same issue! It would be much simpler if you would just stick to the same topic for replies. Still, posting your claim once again doesn't make it true. Please read hounddogman 2009-10-24
18 Research Re: Performance: Apron Strings (anto47) See also hounddogman 2010-01-18
19 Requests Re: Dino's lost songs Hi Pete, Welcome to Second Hand Songs! Although it may be a rather expensive solution, all three recordings are available on the box set "Everybody Loves Somebody" from the German Bear Family label. The catalog no. is BCD 16343 GL. It covers Dean Martin's 1962-1966 period and the set includes hounddogman 2010-03-15
20 Chat Re: Elvis Presley on a chocolate record. Talkin' about some sweet music! ;) I'm not so sure that I would expose the needle on my turntable to chocolate though... I bet it will never work with his Sun records... ;D hounddogman 2010-06-02