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1 News Re:Canary Here here! kris 2004-05-26
2 Discussion Re:Herbaliser uncredited cover? I have the Herbaliser record. Barthel has the Iron butterfly on cd, I think IJf has it on lp as well. kris 2004-05-20
3 Discussion Re:Herbaliser uncredited cover? No one? kris 2004-05-02
4 Requests Re:The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown - Fire Added.;action=display;threadid=1571 Thanks again! kris 2004-04-20
5 Discussion Herbaliser uncredited cover? Has anyone else noticed that "The Missing Suitcase" by The Herbaliser (album Very Mercenary, Ninja Tune, 2000) is VERY similar to an Iron Butterfly song? I can't remember the title, but it's the same album "In a gadda-da-vida" is from. kris 2004-04-14
6 News Re:New team member - Leo Welcome Leo! kris 2004-01-23
7 Chat Back once again it's the incredible! Aiight folks, -got my DSL up and running -will start adding again soon... kris 2003-12-12
8 Requests Re:Let the good times roll RjD2 has a 'Let the good times roll'-version, although I suspect you may have known that... kris 2003-11-23
9 News Re:Design I've posted this suggestion earlier, but maybe a lins bar eBay style? Where you have all the links from the left/bottom frame in a small frame on top of the page. Or a quick search bar with dropdownlist (cfr. BMI or kris 2003-10-05
10 Feedback Re:Samples from movies I think THX1138 has been mentioned as an obscure movie so much over the years that we can't call it obscure anymore... Lots of movies and literature use thx1138 as an indication for whatever scientifical ish they needed a name for... kris 2003-09-27
11 Feedback Re:Talkin' about reinventing the wheel... {@ {@@ [[message|1392|Quote by Denis at 1064660900]]: @@} We try to add as much ''usefull '' info as possible. @} useful, denis kris 2003-09-27
12 Requests Re:Beatnuts - Se Acabo (Shakaboom!) sample i'll keep it a homer. btw will have my mpc2000 this friday! ! ! kris 2003-09-23
13 Requests Re:Se Acabo (Shakaboom!) sample Let's ask the man... I'm going there tonight for sum cheeba (order, not the delivery). Come along and we'll see... kris 2003-09-23
14 Requests Re:Se Acabo (Shakaboom!) sample Take it to my place and we'll have mista Iron judge it. If the sample is sumthing like 'shakaboom' couldn't it possibly be from Lord of the Underground's "Chief Rocka"? Now that i'm thinking of it : dayum that shit is dope... It goes something like Boomshakalaka here comes the Chief Rocka... uhh-ahh kris 2003-09-23
15 News Re:and the database keeps growing... Yay! kris 2003-09-21
16 Requests Re:soft touch-plenty action -(to denis)ya olde prick! ;D- Ok, i was looking for year, label, album, actulally anything about the song 'Plenty Action' performed by Soft Touch. Thank you kris 2003-09-05
17 Requests soft touch-plenty action Op de gebruikelijke kanalen niets van info gevonden hierover. Heb het nummer van denis op funkaphonix 4, wordt gesampled door dj shadow in monosylabik op de nieuwe lp kris 2003-09-04