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1 Chat Nothing interesting Hi all. Sorry for offtopic. But I`ve found an interesting site which makes tales. You have just to add some words. I think it`s reaaly funny. Here is my tale. One day my Uncle John and my Aunt Lisa said they would take me and my sister Mary on a trip to Kanzas. “You will love Kanzas,” said Aunt Lis shs 2006-08-14
2 Requests mister murray Hi can anyone help me??? I am looking for a song from 1965  by mister murray called, Down Came The Rain. on record lable ...Fontana TF 623, if anyone has this song or knows of a site where I could down load it I would be very greatful....... thanks.. minds-i shs 2005-10-02
3 Discussion Re: Child in Time Yes, I also vote for a partial cover. It´s the same problem as with "''Stairway to heaven''" by '''Led Z'''. They stole the first seconds from the song "''Taurus''" by "'''Spirit'''" (1968). shs 2005-09-03
4 Chat < < < FROGGY > > > shs 2004-02-03
5 Requests Mister Sandman (Francis Drake "Pat" Ballard) I like this song 8) It was a hit by The Chordettes (Single, Cadence 1247, 1954) Other contemporary performers: Four Aces & Al Alberts 1954 Emmilou Harris 1955 Les Paul 195? Pat Ballard 19?? .... I'll follow to looking for ... shs 2004-01-19
6 Research Re:La Novia by Antonio Prieto (Leo) In 1960, La Novia (by Antonio Prieto) was a hit en Venezuela. In 1961, was a hit in Italy by Prieto, Modugno and Dallara. Here there is a interesting review: I found on shs 2004-01-16
7 News Re:New team member - Leo Thank you, I'll try to do my best. shs 2004-01-13
8 News a Good Day to all... Hello members, i'd like to introduce myself as the new member. Denis helped me into this (for which you'll praise him later ;D). As you might have noticed my first few entries were a bit (ok, very) messy. I believe i've corrected everything now and got everything in its right place. Anyway, i'm l shs 2003-09-03
9 Requests Re: surfin usa M.O.D. ? shs 2003-07-31
10 Feedback Re: musicbrainz integration {@ First of all, I think that trying to integrate two websites with different people and different opinions a bad idea. If you suggest that we would just use their data, we'd have to ask permission, and we'd be fully dependent on them, which is not desired. @} I was thinking more about just using shs 2003-07-30
11 Feedback Re: musicbrainz integration Also, have you seen these guys (they have a focus on vinyl and older samples): shs 2003-07-30
12 Feedback musicbrainz integration Have you guys considered building on the work done by MusicBrainz, the free database of music metadata? The already have a massive collection of artists, albums and songs available at and if you used it then you guys could concentrate on recording who covered/sampled who rather than shs 2003-07-30
13 Requests surfin usa hello! i´m urgently searching for a cover of beach boys`surfin usa, which i found on a mixtape without tracklist i recorded in 1993. it is neither blind guardian, nor jesus and mary chain, nor melt banana or pennywise. i thought it was either faith no more or red hot chili peppers, but that seems to shs 2003-07-24
14 Feedback Samples from movies Hello guys, I wandered onto your site by accident, but i'm really interested in covers and samples. I was wondering if you are also interested in spotting samples from movies, used in music? As an example, I was once very surprised and delighted to discover that Nine Inch Nails used a sample from t shs 2003-05-12