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Title Performer Submitter Performed by submitter
1 Kings of Leon - Use Somebody (Band Cover) VHJoe15 yes
2 "People Help The People" (cover) - Sophie TheSnBall yes
3 "If it Means A Lot To You" A Day to Remember Cover Corin Wright yes
4 Goldie Rox - Rolling in the deep cover - Adele goldie wal yes
5 Tamari & Amitai - Some kind of wonderful amitai2002 yes
6 Roll Another Number - Andrew Jackson Jihad (Neil Young Cover) Emily Gibbous yes
7 Goldie Rox - Fly Me To The Moon cover - Frank Sinatra Goldie Rox yes
8 Feels Like the First Time - Foreigner cover song PDX Guitar Freak yes
9 Homeward Bound ( Simon and Garfunkel 60's Acoustic Guitar Cover Song by Stef ) Steph Sancia yes
10 Heroes Gustav yes
11 Let it Be ( The Beatles 60's 70's Acoustic Guitar Cover Song by Stef ) Steph Sancia yes
12 Come together - the Beatles (cover song / Parody) Chelsea Kelly MrAllinclubs yes
13 Just A Fool - Christina Aguilera & Blake Shelton (Cover by Haley Ray & Matt Valentine) [Music Video] Vida Noa yes
14 mexico(james taylor cover song) gary brown yes
15 Free Fallin' -- John Mayer/Tom Petty (Cover) juliannecrea yes
16 Дмитрий Митин feat. Дмитрий Прохоров "Nothing Fails" (Madonna Cover) Дмитрий Митин yes
17 Last Request by Isabel Nolte (Paolo Nutini Cover) IsabelNolte yes
18 Cover song julanenova yes
19 Daft Punk - Get Lucky - fingerstyle Classic Guitar Cover by Milo - complete version Milo Music yes
20 American Pie ( Don McLean 70's Acoustic Guitar Cover Song with USA 1970's Tribute Montage ) Steph Sancia yes