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Title Performer Submitter Performed by submitter
1 Forfun - Linoleum (NOFX Cover) caiounderline yes
2 NOFX Linoleum cover - The Living Daylights livingdaylightssongs yes
3 Nofx - Linoleum (cover by Future Idiots) Futureidiots yes
4 Nap - Sonic Reducer (Dead Boys Cover) Napoleão Azevedo Neto yes
5 descendents "we" cover - billy + joe billyplusjoe yes
6 Nick Diener - International You Day (RIP Tony Sly) theswellers yes
7 face to face - disconnected cover - billy + joe billyplusjoe yes
8 The Menzingers - To Have and To Have Not (Nervous Energies session - Billy Bragg cover) The Menzingers nervousenergies yes
9 Tony Sly tribute by Ken Yokoyama 「Soulmate/No Use For A Name」 8/28/2012 Ken Yokoyama pizzaofdeathofficial yes
10 Yellowcard Feat Alex from All Time Low - Chasing Rainbows Yellowcard ninjasmurf9 yes
11 Bad Religion - Walk Away [acoustic cover] Emily Davis yes
12 Bad Religion -Modern Man (Acoustic Cover) Jenn Fiorentino yes
13 Bad Religion - Sorrow Cover [Acoustic] AnCookies yes
14 Self Esteem - The Offspring cover by Biscuits biscuitsNL yes
15 Self Esteem - The Offspring (SecondSight Cover) SecondSightOfficial yes
16 Social Distortion -Reach For The Sky (Acoustic Cover) Jenn Fiorentino yes
17 Bad Religion -Suffer (Acoustic Cover) Jenn Fiorentino yes
18 NOFX -Dying Degree (Acoustic Cover) Jenn Fiorentino yes
19 Mayflower Session 002: Against Me! - Sink, Florida, Sink (Cover) Mayflower Collective yes
20 Against Me! - "Sink, Florida, Sink" (Piano/Guitar Cover) Matthew Wilson yes