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Rock Around the Clock by Los Hispanos [2]

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Rock Around the Clock

By Los Hispanos [2]


Artist country
Puerto Rico
Multiple languages

Additional comments and sources

Combination Spanish and English lyrics, alternating between verses. Spanish translator unknown.

Los Hispanos [2] was a Puerto Rican musical group active from c.1952 to the early 1960s. Not to be confused with either the Los Hispanos group already indexed on SHS or another group active in the late 60s that is the one indexed on Discogs and was also from Puerto Rico.

This cover of Rock Around the Clock was released on an album called Vereda Tropical (Tropical Trail), and the cover of the album can be seen on the attached video. However, no information on the album's original label or release date could be located. There is a CD/digital issue of the album from 2011 that is right now the only one listed on a google search and the album is not indexed on either 45Worlds or Discogs. Even if the 2011 issue was actually the first release of the album, the recording had already been issued in 2006 on the Story of Rock Around the Clock compilation from Hydra Records: The liner notes for that album do not indicate a date of original release.


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