songs for friends

2007-11-30 23:19:28 UTC

coffee could not hurt me

yeah, everyone needs a break

'coz the world sometimes couldn't make

the things around me, i couldn't take

though i wished it would be a piece of cake

now, you ask me for a cup of coffee

trying to see it right through me?

or just play your game like hide and seek

but man, you see, you just have to let me be.


'coz i believe coffee could not hurt me

not this way, never will be

for you see, i'm not going to be

your some kind of princess and the pea.

man, you have to make up your mind

'coz i'm completely sane and not so blind

do you still think your charm will work?

well, how 'bout a punch in the face, jerk!

it's all a cup of coffee

and now i'm feeling more free

and to you, get your princess some treat

for all i care, to hell with it!

(repeat chorus)

song by: 21887-33350

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