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Song: Maybellene (Bastien)

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2008-11-12 18:52:53 UTC


Tommy Sands: MABELLENE, 1958 (CD Bear Family BCD 15643 AH, 1992

I wanna rock'n'roll all nite
Hashi akochchaka (rising sun)
Ghayat assa'adah (the supreme pleasure)
Stephan Koenig

2012-03-03 20:50:19 UTC

Do you mean Sands's version was recorded in 1958?

2012-03-16 08:06:52 UTC

A propos de la version de Maybellene par Tommy Sands, une compile Bear Family BCD 15 643 (1992) indique :

April 23, 1958 (SESSION: 6783); Producer Ken Nelson - Tommy Sands : vocal; with Bob Bain's Music - T 1081 (donc, ce n'est pas un single mais un extrait d'un 33 T. qui serait sorti en 1959 (voir / Rockin' Country Style...)

Bear Family n'indique aucune année de publication pour aucune chanson...

Bill Millar écrit que: 'Sandstorm', recorded over five days in April 1958, demonstrates a real affection for the verities of black popular music.

2012-03-16 08:09:44 UTC

Updated Maybellene with the recording date.