How to thanks somone for his (her) contrib' ...

Mathurin Star

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Mathurin Star @ 2009-07-10 01:33:14 UTC

Did you know what missed up on your great site ?! A button on the bottom of all page to share to the contributer who we glad to found there add's !!!

I don't want to make a form of billboard between contributers, like others sites, I just want to shaw my 'respect' n' thanks...

ps : 'respect' is because I'm a French spoken, It is a current word in french, like 'U f**k, man !' u see ?!

"well, I prefer a fake 10$ bill than a really true cent ! ..."


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Denis @ 2009-07-11 17:04:58 UTC

Hi Mathurin Star,

You can click the name of the contributor (editor) to show his/her profile page. From that page you can send a private message.


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nikitoz555 @ 2009-09-29 15:56:51 UTC

Yeah, several weeks ago I got one "thank you" message from our Finland friend "jyrkipr".

I think he's a good expert of Finnish covers of international pop songs.