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Stephan Koenig @ 2009-12-14 20:02:17 UTC

He began playing the guitar in 1952 with The Johnnie Johnson Trio in St. Louis (MO): Johnson, pno & Ebby Harding, dms.

His 1st recording as guitarist under the name Charles BERRYN: with Joe Alexander and The Cubans in 1954: Oh Maria b/w I hope these words will find you well, BALLAD M-5008 - Ballad AA 1008-X45.

Probably already in the DB: the Maybellene song first title was Ida Red:

05/21/55: country song self-penned (?): from trad. Ida Red, now rewritten as Maybellene in Chicago...


Oh Maria/I Hope These Words Will Find You Well

(On this single by Joe Alexander and the Cubans, one Charles Berryn is credited on guitar. At the time, Chuck was using the name Berryn in performances around St. Louis to avoid embarassing his father who was a deacon at the Antioch Baptist Church)

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