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chicksinger1 @ 2010-04-20 16:59:19 UTC

This song is not listed in the most covered songs category, and it should be! I have this sheet music and it lists over 150 recordings of More on the back (although, to be fair, some are repeats and it may be more like 100 unique recordings). That was in 1962, and I'm sure there are more since then.



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nikitoz555 @ 2010-04-20 17:45:11 UTC

Ok! That's great and they will be added, as soon as you could type them down or make the image file more larger so I could read all the essential info and add cover versions. Thanks!

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Stephan Koenig @ 2010-06-05 21:42:22 UTC

See mine, Nikitoz...Pic cover already added...

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