Beatles remakes

2010-06-20 14:58:16 UTC

You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away by Silkie

Released in 1965 shortly after The Beatles original version from the movie HELP!, this version was released. Fronted by Sylvia Tatler, this British quartet produced a wonderful version with a distinct folk rock atmosphere. Sounding as if it were influenced by The Byrds version of Mr. Tambourine Man, it gave the song a whole new feel. Many female singers had covered Beatles songs before this, but this version sounded especially fine, given Sylvia’s ethereal voice. The fact that 3 of The Beatles played on it and were managed by Brian Epstein didn’t hurt either. Definitely worth a listen!

Doctor Robert

2010-06-22 21:18:11 UTC

By SILKIE : very good !!!

I wanna rock'n'roll all nite
Hashi akochchaka (rising sun)
Ghayat assa'adah (the supreme pleasure)
Stephan Koenig

2010-06-23 01:13:45 UTC

Nice version, here's the video: