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Performance: 21 Guns (wally creek)

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21 Guns

2010-11-16 14:22:52 UTC

21 Guns

Originally written by: David Bowie, John Phillips

I tried to find more information about it, but couldn't find any. Some people think it's simillar to "All the Young Dudes" but nothing is official.

2010-11-17 06:21:05 UTC

See work 21 Guns

Bowie and Phillips are credited along with Green Day for this song in GEMA and elsewhere. People are saying it's a ripoff but it is an intentional mashup with new lyrics, fully credited from the start and not with added credits due to lawsuits.

There are comments added to each part but they don't display.

I also thought it was pretty obvious what the sources are by listening to the track.

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