Discover the Italian Ska band "Pippo e i suoi Pinguini Polari"


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Bastien @ 2011-05-10 18:16:38 UTC

Produced by Francesco Magnelli, musician and arranger of some of the most important Italian rock bands (Litfiba, CCCP, CSI and now with Ginevra Di Marco), Per caso o per voglia is the first album of Pippo e i suoi Pinguini Polari. It's a ska based patchwork of different flavours, from rock to progressive, from songwriting to brass band style. Discover these crazy pinguins on their Official Website.

It also contains 2 covers: Mahalageasca originally by Mahala Raï Banda (Famous from the soundtrack of the movie "Borat"), and Anarchy in the U.K. originally by Sex Pistols.

Pippo offers 3 free copies of this album to SecondHandSongs visitors. The first 3 members to (correctly) add 1 Youtube video to any original or cover in the database win this album. Simply go to a song page, and if the website thinks there is a suitable video, you will see a yellow "Choose Youtube Video" on the right hand side. The contest starts NOW. Winners will be announced on the forum.

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tsk @ 2011-05-12 13:24:24 UTC


I don't know if you simply have a way of determining the first three members to have submitted You Tube videos after this announcement was posted or whether you contemplated identification by perticipating members here. If the latter, I have posted a video at Baby Please Don't Go

I don't want to deprive other members of a chance to get a CD, but given the apparent lack of interest in the same, I'm entering. I might as well get something for my efforts as an editor.


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Bastien @ 2011-05-12 19:44:15 UTC

tsk & dudek, unfortunately you are too late...

The three winners are: Limbabwe, Seosamh and Nap! Congratulations!