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Artist: The Skatalites (wally creek) Lloyd Brevett RIP

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The Skatalites

2012-05-04 15:10:20 UTC

The Skatalites

Lloyd Brevett, founding member and bassist in the Jamaican Ska Band The Skatalites, died at 80. RIP.

Unfortunately Lloyd isn't included in the members list of the Skatalites. His artist data:

Name: Lloyd Brevett

Born: August 1, 1931

Died: May 3, 2012

Country: Jamaica



2012-05-05 22:55:34 UTC

If Lloyd Brevett did not write a work or perform an original or cover under his own name or as a featured artist, he is not included in the SHS database. "Member lists" were never meant to be all-inclusive. They are links only to pages in the database, links which BTW not all editors care to add in any case.

Frankly then, this would be better as a news or discussion post.

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2013-05-06 14:01:57 UTC

the same for Cedric Brooks, saxplayer, RIP: 3 May 2013