All covers of one artist on a page/single search?

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maryhelen @ 2015-08-21 22:08:38 UTC

Is there a way to pull up all the covers by all artists of ONE artist? For e.g., all artists (for any and every song) who have covered James Brown. If not, is this a feature that is feasible for programming into SHS?

Thank you.



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Mathieu @ 2015-08-22 06:30:33 UTC

That's not possible at the moment. Are any others also interested in such a feature?


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maryhelen @ 2015-08-22 22:41:45 UTC

OK Help me out here, people. Sounds like my patience gene has to kick in. So, to compile such a list, the best way (certainly not quickest, no such thing here) method would be to 1) go to the artist page 2) go down the list to each (original) song 3) for each song, click on the column for "Covered by" and get those artist names? Yes??


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Mathieu @ 2015-08-23 06:13:15 UTC

Seems right. If you have specific request, I can compile the list for you.


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maryhelen @ 2015-08-23 06:39:06 UTC

Really? with names? James Brown, including artists who sampled his music.

By any chance do you know or SHS have the info of who is the most sampled artist?

Thank you very much.



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Mathieu @ 2015-08-23 08:30:36 UTC

Covering performers:


"Albert & Gage"

"Albert King"

"Alessia Marinangeli"

"Al Jones Blues Band"

"André Bisson"

"Angélique Kidjo"

"Anita Lane"

"Aretha Franklin"

"Axel Bauer"

"Bad News Reunion"

"Barbara Lewis"

"Bernard Purdie"

"Big Black"

"Big James"

"Big Maybelle"

"Billy Branch & The Sons of Blues"

"Billy Preston"

"Black Pearl"

"Blues Brothers"

"Bobby Bell"

"Bobby Freeman"

"Bobby McFerrin"

"Bobby Radcliff"


"Bruce Willis"

"Bryan Lee and the Jump Street Five"


"Buddy Guy"

"Capten Weber"

"Casey Anderson"

"Cat Power"

"Ceux Qui Marchent Debout"


"Chuck Brown and Eva Cassidy"

"Church of Betty"

"Clare Teal & Grant Windsor with Pee Wee Ellis"

"Clint West with The Boogie Kings"

"Cold Sweat"

"Concrete Blonde"


"Crazy Baldhead"


"David Clayton Thomas and The Shays"

"David Gogo"

"Dee Felice Trio"

"Delbert McClinton"

"Dick Hyman"

"Doc Thomas Group"

"Don Bryant"

"Don Byron"

"Earl Gaines"

"Etta James"

"Evil Beaver"


"Gang War"


"Gene Dozier and The Brotherhood"

"Georgie Fame & The Harry South Big Band"

"Gov't Mule"

"Graham Bonnet"

"Grand Funk"

"Grant Green"

"Gregg Young and The 2nd Street Band"

"Hanne Boel"

"Have Soul Will Travel"

"Henning Stærk"

"Henning Stærk Band"

"Howard Werth"

"Hu and the Hilltops"

"Iggy Pop"

"Ike and Tina Turner"

"I New Dada"

"Jackie Shane"

"Jaco Pastorius"

"James Brown and The Famous Flames"

"James Chance & The Contortions"

"Janiva Magness"

"Jeff Golub"

"Jenni Muldaur"

"Jeroen van der Boom"

"Jerry Garcia & David Grisman"

"Jim Byrnes"

"Jimmy Barnes"

"Jimmy Hughes"

"Jimmy McGriff"

"Jimmy Smith"

"Joe Tex"

"Johnny Preston"

"Johnny Winter"

"John Schroeder and Orchestra"

"Joni Mitchell"

"Joshua Redman"

"Joss Stone"

"Jr. Medlow"

"Jules Shear"

"Junior Wells"

"Karise Eden"


"Lani Groves"


"Leela James"

"Le grand orchestre de Paul Mauriat"

"Leslie Overdrive"

"Lester Bowie's Brass Fantasy"

"Lewis Cowdrey"

"Li'l Willie Johnson"

"Link Cromwell and the Zoo"

"Lisa Bassenge Trio"

"Little Bob and The Lollipops"

"Little Johnny Christian"

"Little Milton"

"Living Colour"

"Lou Donaldson"

"Lucio Dalla"

"Lucky Peterson"

"Luis Blanco Soul Band"

"Lyn Collins"

"Maceo and The Macks"

"Maceo Parker"

"Maceo Parker feat. Kym Mazelle"

"Margaret Singana"

"Mary Byrne"


"Mike Sanchez and His Band featuring Imelda May"

"Miladojka Youneed"

"Miss Dominique"

"Mongo Santamaría"

"Mud [2]"

"Natacha Atlas"


"Os Paralamas do Sucesso"

"Otis Redding"

"Pat & Lolly Vegas"

"Patricia Kaas"

"Paul Ansell's Number Nine"

"Paul Revere & The Raiders"

"Peter Belli & Les Rivals"

"Peter Gallway"

"Peter Nelson and the Castaways"

"Phillip Upchurch"

"P.J. Proby"

"Q-Burn's Abstract Message"

"Quincy Jones and His Orchestra"

"Renée Geyer"

"Reptile Palace Orchestra"

"Riguelle & Hautekiet"

"Rolf Harris"


"Sandy Nelson"

"Sara Hickman"


"Sheena & the Rokkets"

"Sims Twins"

"Sir Latimore Brown"

"Southside Denny and the Skintones"

"Spiral 3"

"Steen Jørgensen"

"Steve Alaimo"

"Sue Foley, Deborah Coleman & Roxanne Potvin"

"Sugar Beats"

"Sugarman Three"

"Susanne Alt"


"The ""5"" Royales"

"The Bad Boys"

"The Black Pooles"

"The Boneshakers"

"The Boogie Kings"

"The Capitols"

"The Caretakers"

"The Chambers Brothers"

"The Dukes of September"

"The Dynamites with Charles Walker"

"The Fabulous Counts"

"The Famous Isley Brothers"

"The Flying Lizards"

"The Gants"

"The Generations Combo"

"The Golden Cups"

"The Greenhornes"

"The Hypstrz"

"The Invictas"

"The Jam"

"The James D. Orchestra"

"The JB Horns"


"The Mar-Keys"

"The McCoys"

"The Merseybeats"

"The Mighty Imperials featuring Joseph Henry"

"The Milkees"

"The Moody Blues"

"The Nighthawks"

"The Phantoms"

"The Polyjesters"

"The Residents"

"The Rockets [2]"

"The Rocking Ghosts"

"The Showmen [1]"

"The Sing-Off Contestants"

"The Sonics"

"The Soulful Strings"

"The Spitfires"

"The Standells"

"The Swingin' Neckbreakers"

"The Walflower Complextion"

"The Who"

"Tino Tomas"

"T.J. Kirk"

"Tom Jones"

"Tommy Castro"

"Van Morrison"

"Zoot Money's Big Roll Band"

"Zu + Eugene Chadbourne"

Sampling performers:


"A Tribe Called Quest"

"Audio Two"

"Beastie Boys"

"Big Daddy Kane"

"Big Daddy Kane ft. Biz Markie"

"Big Daddy Kane ft. Greg Nice & Smooth B."

"Biz Markie"

"Blackstreet feat. Dr. Dre"

"Candy Flip"

"Chubb Rock"


"Cypress Hill"

"De La Soul"

"DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince"

"En Vogue"



"Fergie featuring"

"Ice Cube"


"Jay Z and Kanye West"

"Jay Z and Kanye West feat. Frank Ocean"

"Jay Z and Kanye West feat. Otis Redding"

"Kut Masta Kurt"

"Macy Gray"


"Massive Attack"

"Method Man & Redman"



"Organized Konfusion"

"Pete Rock / Smif-N-Wessun featuring Hurricane G."

"Pizzicato Five"

"Public Enemy"

"Sinéad O'Connor"

"Special Ed"

"Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud"

"Sweet Coffee"

"Tha Alkaholiks"

"Three Times Dope"

"Ultramagnetic MC's"

"ULTRAmagnetic m.c.'s"

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maryhelen @ 2015-08-23 09:07:49 UTC

Thanks for the list.

Re samples, I found two websites devoted to samples, with JB at the top: 184 songs, and 907 samples. Too much for SHS. Included are any artist/song who uses only a beat from a song, hence such high numbers.


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rslitman @ 2015-09-22 23:03:12 UTC

That's not possible at the moment. Are any others also interested in such a feature?

I'd like such a feature. But don't knock yourself out doing it.

camembert electrique

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camembert electrique @ 2015-11-04 03:35:12 UTC

Statistics can be amazing...

Currently, there are 7324 covers of 194 Beatles songs by 3817 artists in the db... The astonishing thing here is that we seemingly don't have covers for some 20 (minus a few released on Apple by others before the band did themselves) original Beatles songs. Which are those?.

I was actually not astonished to see that James Brown is only # 254 in the most covered artists list (but more about some higher ranking artists). Actually, there aren't that many famous songs of his - but quite some sadly undervalued ones. Being (one of) the most sampled artist(s) points towards great recordings and productions.

However, uncredited sampling - which is generally/mostly the case - is stealing and in addition often hard to prove as samples are likely to be altered to avoid legal conflicts (not all are as impertinent as Do It ...). Therefore and in addition to Mathieu's pointing out the few samples in the SHS db, I'm not in favor of listing them.


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maryhelen @ 2015-11-04 05:31:24 UTC

Sampling is way too complex an issue for a simple decision of SHS not listing them. First, is the legal distinction of "stealing" vs. intellectual property infringement. Second, since may many artists do get permission (even if the original artist is not listed on the record label, he/she or the original song is very often mentioned by the sampling artist, sometimes even in the song itself). The specific defining criteria for what constitutes sampling is still debated: a few notes? an entire passage, some lyrics, no lyrics, etc. Last, although unacknowledged AS sampling, it's been going on since the 50' and 60' and many rock artists often used each others' riffs. After all, there is a limited number of notes and combinations no matter how large their availability.

There may indeed be instances of using another artist's original work w/o permission, but most of the time it is not and it IS quite often a way of paying tribute even a paean, when some younger artist was heavenly influenced, inspired by an older great artist and his/her music.

DO you think the sampled artists consider themselves as ripped off; that their music was "stolen?"

I do believe there are already instances of "stolen" music in SHS database.

camembert electrique

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camembert electrique @ 2015-11-04 13:42:27 UTC

By saying 'listing' I did not want to say we should generally not have samples in the db. Especially uncredited samples (which indeed have become somewhat lesser in the last couple of years), are often a matter of guessing, though, leading to having no evidence.

Sampling means using parts of other artists' recordings, f. ex. a Hip Hop act including the original "Sex Machine" horns. That's what I call stealing, as long as not credited (meaning the original gets paid royalties).

You are referring to so called interpolations, though. Here we have the case of artists recording parts of other artists' works played and/or sung by himself. This may be called covering parts.


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maryhelen @ 2015-11-04 19:52:10 UTC

I don't think I made myself clear, so I'll try again. For the most part everyone (music lovers, anyway) knows what is sampling. However, the actual process of using another artist's work is legally what is in question, vis-a-vis "stealing" or infringement of intellectual property (legal distinction. Hence the reason and the difficulty of the non credited "use of a PART (what is part? in a court of law this has to be very explicit) of another artists' work. There have been many legal cases some won some lost , mostly in the US and England and yes there is some "sampling" that is legally permissible w/o crediting the original artist.

Re interpolation, no that is not what I was referring to; many times the artists who is sampling will give a shout out to the original artist or the song sampled in his/her (the artist doing the sampling) song. If I can think of or find an example, I'll send it.

If SHS wants to or decides to not list sampling songs because SHS is a COVERS site, that is altogether different. There is a favorites site that I use for samples and they are very good and very thorough. However, they list covers and are nowhere near as close or as good as SHS -- very very few covers. I'd say they are the counterpart to SHS and I need and use both, each for what each excels in.



P.S. There is even a site for musicians that lists specific beats/ notes/ parts of songs (of artists) and instructions for others to use in their music.

camembert electrique

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camembert electrique @ 2015-11-05 00:24:22 UTC

Maybe I wasn't as clear as I thought, either (I'm not a native English speaker).

In the last 20 years or so, there have been way more legal cases and law suits because of artists using parts of other artists' original recordings (= sampling) than because of songwriters accused to have 'nicked' a couple of or more notes in a row etc. Whilst the first infringes performing rights (of the artists involved), copyrights in the works (of the writers/composers) and exploitation rights (by record companies et al.), the latter 'only' deals with copyright issues.

In terms of recordings and performances, main parts of your paragraph "The specific defining criteria for what constitutes sampling is still debated: a few notes ... and many rock artists often used each others' riffs" describes (the legal problems of defining) interpolations. However, you seem to rather be talking about the copyrights in works.

As for an example for an interpolation: Babe Ruth performed a (credited) one from Morricone's "Per qualche dollaro in più" on The Mexican (starting at 3:34).

Thanks back



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maryhelen @ 2015-11-08 02:53:03 UTC

Well, I have become very interested in the topic, so am doing a lot of research and reading.

I am NOT a lawyer, but have studied law, and love the law and love music. I do not believe that sampling is stealing. In the written text, quoting is permitted w/o official permission and the quoter identifies the originator of the quote. I like it, I think it is a new from of art, it is not simple or lazy (in the visual arts, it was done originally many years ago).

Most people do think it is "stealing," but if were that simple, all the books and articles that I have found are wasting their time -- Not so. Cases are still hitting the courts, (who are deciding one-by-one/do, on a case per case basis which sampling is/was wrong/illegal and which not-- hence me saying it is complex) today, less so than a little while ago, because artists with little money cannot afford to end up in court and/or have their music pulled sometimes because they cannot pay the demanding high fees of artist who use that to stop the sampling (because they do not like hip hop/rap music, where all or most of sampling occurs, in my opinion).

The best analysis that I have read (so far) is the chapter entitled, Th Musician as thief: digital culture and copyright law" by Daphne Keller in the book, Sound Unbound: Sampling digital music and culture edited by Paul D Miller aka DJ Spooky that subliminal kid.

BTW-- There is a case in Germany where the supreme court ruled Three notes was stealing.

Thanks for piquing my interest and intellect.


P.S. Is your language French? Belgium or France?

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