New editor: Moebeus

2017-06-19 20:22:39 UTC

Please welcome our newest editor: Moebeus from Norway! Moe describes himself as a metadata nerd with a special interest in Spanish music. And we describe him as a critical mind with a particular sense of humor Smile

Welcome aboard Moe!


2017-06-19 20:43:42 UTC

(...) we describe him as a critical mind with a particular sense of humor

...if that's code for "a royal nuisance", you should just tell me ;-)

Anyways, I'm honored and I hope to be an asset more than an ass. Also, I love error reports, they light up nicely in my dashboard and help me organize my day. So don't be shy, fire away if you find anything that looks off or lacks the proper sources/info. That's how I'll learn and how the data will improve.

Happy to join the team!


2017-06-19 20:59:30 UTC

Welcome aboard Moe. You have already made a big contribution to the site, particularly tracking down some of these tricky Spanish language adaptations. I have a feeling you are going to be an amazing editor. Looking forward to working with you more and more Smile

2017-06-19 21:27:34 UTC

Welcome to the team!!!

(And please bring Turbonegro to Brazil) Smile

2017-06-19 21:42:17 UTC


2017-06-19 22:13:10 UTC

(And please bring Turbonegro to Brazil) Smile

Happy-Tom is a friend of mine from way back, so who knows that might just happen? If I'm allowed to brag a little, I actually directed their first two music videos:

2017-06-20 00:57:52 UTC

Yo, Moe!

First, I got aware of a user posting mostly immaculate submisions. Then, I liked the perspective of one more editor with a Scandinavian background joining. Lately, I was impressed by a 'junior editor' with great enthusiasm, many ideas and (I admit: most to the point, but not surprisingly) a broad knowledge. Now, I'm smiling as you seem to be the second editor to have been involved in the music business, at least at one end(?)...

2017-06-20 05:15:35 UTC

Welcome Moe !


2017-06-20 09:00:52 UTC

Velkommen Moe!

Nice to have you on board. You already seem to have been very busy. Smile


''I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive...''
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2017-06-20 10:20:12 UTC



2017-06-20 11:48:32 UTC

I knew rightaway you were editor material. Welcome!

2017-06-20 15:29:30 UTC

Bonzer. Welcome aboard.

2017-06-20 16:44:57 UTC


2017-06-21 16:56:28 UTC

Great to have you on the team ! Enjoy !

2017-06-21 21:01:07 UTC

Jolly good show, Moe! Glad to have you on board.

2017-06-23 19:19:08 UTC

Congrats and welcome

2017-06-26 10:26:25 UTC

Welcome, Moe!

2017-07-01 22:16:11 UTC


“Let me be clear about this: I don’t have a drug problem, I have a police problem.”― Keith Richards

2017-07-01 22:54:08 UTC

Thank you brothers (and I hope at least one) sisters. I'm on my way, feels like coming home Smile