New editor: David King

2018-08-03 16:00:48 UTC

Bem vindo David

2018-08-03 17:22:08 UTC

Hello, Dirk, JoAnn, Erik, and Roberta. I'm looking forward to working with you.

I see we have another editor from Brazil, maravilhoso! I picked up a little bit of Portuguese from my stepmother. She was from a small town about 50 miles west of São Paulo.

2018-08-06 10:41:42 UTC

Welcome Dave. You probably don’t need any help from my English. My French is something else, generally something unrecognisable as French.

2018-08-07 03:42:58 UTC

Hello Paul. Another Londoner!

As far as my French goes, it's just "parlez-vous français", and "merci beaucoup". I guess all of those French words that crept into English didn't help us much.

2018-08-10 02:10:50 UTC

Bem vindo David

Good to see another brazilian here