La merveille de tout ça

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2019-01-23 06:42:21 UTC

Nanette Workman is a French-Canadian vocalist, whose first single in 1966 was La merveille de tout ça, a cover of a song written by Teddy Randazzo

Here is the YouTube video

Does anyone recognize the original work?

If not I do hope you enjoyed the view of this Vixen on a horse in full make-up trying not to fall off the poor animal................

2019-01-24 06:59:52 UTC

This time the French title is very close to the original.

"The Wonder of it All" by Little Anthony and the Imperials

2019-01-25 01:35:54 UTC

Pure luck on this one. Given that Teddy Randazzo has written over 800 songs, I decided to translate the French title and see if that gave me any clues. The French title translates to "The wonder of all this", which I found oddly specific for a translated version. I looked up Randazzo in BMI, then went backwards through the list of his works until I found one with a similar title, which happened to be a match Smile

2019-01-29 09:23:19 UTC

Well done!