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VirileVagabond @ 2019-05-07 02:18:41 UTC

I probably should have asked this question earlier, but what is the editors' preference for submitting a new adaption with an unknown translator? There are two basic options as I see things:

a) Submit with the translator as unknown using the applicable flag in the submission form; or

b) Enter [unknown], etc. as the translator as a placeholder.

Since the submission form already incorporates an option to chose unknown, that fact admittedly answers the question in a fashion. Nevertheless, there are substantial downsides for this option, specifically the submission gets grouped under the wrong language. This can be a real problem when there are a large number of performances on site (e.g. "White Christmas").

On the other hand, entering [unknown] as the translator will create a new group under the correct (sometimes assumed) language, a real benefit whether there are a large number of performances on site or not.

To cover an additional situation, when submitting a performance which has a decent probability of being the same adaption as already on site, I will submit based on that assumption (noting the assumption in the submission itself).

What brought me here is a likely Spanish adaption of My Sharona … with no found translator during my initial review (meaning one is unlikely to be found during my full research). Currently there are 42 versions on site, with only two non-English adaptions (a single Czech and French). Submitting under option a) will list the performance with the ~35 English recordings while option b) would create a Spanish group and list it there.

As I user I would prefer to see the open submission separated. Perhaps Management should revise the form so that it generates the new group resulting in no need for the option b) workaround?

David King

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David King @ 2019-05-07 02:35:04 UTC

I like the second option, so it shows up under the correct language. It makes it easier to find, in case I come across the adaptation independently. One can miss a submission occasionally.


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VirileVagabond @ 2019-05-09 02:32:39 UTC

As I see it, with only 2 votes (from an editor and CC), option b) carries the day….