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baggish @ 2019-06-07 17:22:43 UTC

Somewhere I read, that different matrix-numbers can be assigned to the same recording or a recording from the same date (meant for release in other countries)

OK, that's interesting. I was already wondering if something like that was happening with Olga's recording but had no documentation to make such a suggestion (but I found it difficult to believe Olga and the Orquesta Riverside recorded the same song twice in a short time). So to make progress, we'd need to find the year codes used by Puchito and Columbia Mexico (perhaps they are the same, perhaps not...), and maybe take a step back and confirm that both companies actually used year codes.

Now we're really learning some stuff, well I am anyway Smile

Edit: yes the author of the discogs piece sometimes posts about pressing plants and label variations on the Steve Hoffman forum.

The American release has matrix-number: G2ZB-9218, so is dated 1956. (G = 1956).

I think it's actually a Mexican release, if is to be believed.

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sebcat @ 2019-06-07 20:25:09 UTC

- And should we go for RCA Victor or the Italian release?

Well, Italian singer, Mexican orchestra, recorded in Mexico, difficult to say which is the home label, probably impossible at this distance to say which came first. ( suggests the RCA Victor 51-7131 is a Mexican release, and similarly for the 78 rpm 23-7131.)

Okay - I went with the Italian release, as we have a visual. Feel free to edit accordingly.

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jojo @ 2019-06-08 07:17:03 UTC

I think it's actually a Mexican release, if is to be believed.

Of course, my mistake.