Public Lead: German Pac-Man Fever?

David King

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David King @ 2019-07-04 08:30:53 UTC

Yes, they are two different artists.

Apple Music is not reliable. There are many cases where Apple Music combines two completely different artists with the same name, and other cases where Apple Music separates an artist on different pages if they use different performer aliases. I'm not saying these are the same artist, but ideally we'd find some other way to verify than rely on Apple Music or Amazon.

Separate point - 8 Bit Universe Records should probably be converted to self-released, shouldn't it, as per this previous discussion?

I can't find any biographical information for 8-Bit Arcade, while I have for 8 Bit Universe. 8 Bit Universe has a Youtube user page, whereas 8-Bit Arcade only has a topic, not a user page. They both use a generic template for their artwork, which is different between the two.

You are correct about the label, I will change it to self-released, and delete the label.