Masters Of Classical Music, Vol. 3: Beethoven


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VirileVagabond @ 2019-07-07 04:52:43 UTC

Below is Vol. 3 of a series of classical music compilations that I have in my notes, this one for Ludwig van Beethoven …. Not sure what to do with these, as I'm not really strong in classical works, submitting new classical works on site is not exactly the easiest thing to do, and researching whether these recordings are original or re-releases is likely beyond my abilities:…

Anyone with more skills in this area wish to take a stab?

What brought me here is track #5 "Minuet" credited to Budapest Strings:

Minuet · Ludwig van Beethoven · Budapest Strings

Masters Of Classical Music: Ludwig van Beethoven

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Released on: 2009-12-01


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Oldiesmann @ 2019-07-07 17:17:08 UTC

That particular piece is Minuet in G Major. I believe it's one of Beethoven's more widely-known works.

Classical works are tough to handle in general for a variety of reasons. My biggest concerns with adding them is that there are so many recordings of them that it's hard to pick which ones to add (which is why when I do add them I generally pick one or two at random just to have some examples on site) and that often times, especially with larger works, only a portion of the entire work may be recorded, or a portion of the work may be more famous than the rest of the work (for instance, Rachmaninoff's Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini - the 18th variation is far more widely known than any of the other 23 variations comprising that work).

I'll take a look at this when I get a chance and see if there's anything we can use. The minuet should be doable given that it's a short piece.


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VirileVagabond @ 2019-07-07 17:54:36 UTC

I can fully appreciate the concerns about countless "covers" of classical works. Seems to me SHS needs to a) define a classical work and b) decide to include classical works or not....