"Diggy Liggy Lo" by John Fogerty


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Oldiesmann @ 2019-08-14 01:52:17 UTC

Found a version of the song "Diggy Liggy Lo" by John Fogerty on a "tribute to Cajun music" album, but I'm not sure which version to put it under here. The album apparently credits J.D. Miller (the writer of the English-language lyrics) as the writer, but Fogerty's version is in French. I can't find lyrics for the original version so I'm not sure if it's a cover of that... Anyone able to help here?

Diggy Liggy Lo


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jojo @ 2019-08-15 11:13:33 UTC


This guy is really wild about cajun.

These are the ORIGINAL lyrics as sung by Terry Clement

C´est ma soeur, Diggy Liggy La,

T'en marié avec Diggy Liggy Lo,

Pour ça reste dans la village,

Diggy Liggy La et Diggy Liggy Lo.

Diggy Liggy Lo, attrappe Popo,

Diggy Liggy La, monte 'sus le plombeau,

Pour s'en va, tout partout,

Diggy Liggy La et Diggy Liggy Lo.

So these are the exact same lyrics as used by John Fogerty.

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